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Epic CEO Teases Return Of Fortnite To iOS



Epic CEO Teases Return Of Fortnite To iOS

(CTN NEWS) -VSince Epic Games upgraded the well-known game Fortnite with a payment structure that circumvented Apple’s in-app purchases, it has been more than two years since Fortnite was taken off the App Store.

Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, hinted that Fortnite might soon return to iOS, in light of the recent rumours that Apple would let alternative app stores on the iPhone and iPad.

The information didn’t come from an official Epic Games announcement. Instead, before New Year’s Eve, Sweeney tweeted, “Next year on iOS!” Of course, we can’t be certain of the specific steps Epic Games will take to try to bring Fortnite back to iOS.

However, given that Apple has blocked the game, Sweeney was likely alluding to alternate app shops that might soon be permitted on iOS.

Epic CEO Teases Return Of Fortnite To iOS


What Has Fortnite Become?

The in-app purchases system, which pays Apple a 30% fee on each sale, must be used in accordance with the tight requirements of the App Store.

Apple removed Fortnite from the iOS App Store after Epic Games modified it to allow in-game items to be purchased with its own payment system.

Epic Games launched a complaint against Apple for anti-competitive practises with the iOS App Store not long after Apple withdrew Fortnite from the App Store.

Because the game needed to be signed with a legitimate account, Epic Games was unable to publish Fortnite on the Mac when Apple banned not only Fortnite but also its whole developer account.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled in September 2021 that Apple was no longer allowed to forbid developers from including third-party payment alternatives in their apps.

Judge Rogers also thinks that when Epic Games violated App Store policies, it was clear what it was doing. Because of this, Apple was not compelled to reinstate Fortnite in the App Store.

Although Apple and Epic Games are both appealing the judgement, nothing concrete has been decided as of yet.


Epic CEO Teases Return Of Fortnite To iOS


Will The Game Ever Be Released Again On iOS?

Sweeney’s tweet seems more speculative than something he is truly confident will happen, as was previously noted. According to a December Bloomberg article,

Apple has been working internally to introduce third-party app shops for iOS. This would enable users of iPhone and iPad devices to download and instal non-Apple apps.

According to the rumour, this modification might go into effect with iOS 17, which is anticipated to be unveiled later this year.

Governments all around the world, particularly the European Union, have put pressure on the firm to open up the iOS ecosystem, which has resulted in a significant change in how iOS and the App Store operate.

But it’s crucial to remember that we still don’t know exactly how Apple intends to make iOS accessible to third-party app shops.

The business could do this in a way that makes it difficult for common people to instal these apps, deterring developers from sharing their apps elsewhere.

Therefore, even if Sweeney claimed that Fortnite would return to iOS in 2023, we can’t be entirely certain of that just yet.


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