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Metroidvania-Style Game “Elderand” Scheduled For Release In Feb



Metroidvania-Style Game "Elderand" Scheduled For Release In Feb

(CTN NEWS) – A gameplay trailer for “Elderand” has been published, revealing several major gameplay features, including several Metroidvania-style navigation techniques, weapon upgrading, and boss battles.

And various distinctive biomes spread throughout its expansive environment.

Fans of Metroidvania games won’t have to wait much longer to tackle a new set of difficulties because the teaser also revealed the independent game’s release date of February 16.

One of Brazil’s most important gaming events, the Gamepolitan Awards, recognized Elderand, a promising game from independent firms Mantra and Sinergia Games, as both Best Game and Best Game Design.

/ Elderand

With characters ranging from floating cosmic horror creatures to cultists and the occasional gigantic suit of armour, the game has Lovecraftian undertones.

Elderand proudly displays its nostalgic influences by including numerous well-known themes from classic games like Castlevania while adding several unique twists to distinguish.

The game’s colorful, intricate pixel art is also done nicely, with ingenious parallax effects and accurate lighting.

Gamers only have to wait a short while now that Elderand has revealed that the game will be released on February 16 in a new trailer.

The opening scene in the trailer, reminiscent of the opening scene of Cult of the Lamb, shows the player being pierced with a dagger as part of some sacrifice cult, highlighting some of Elderand’s key elements and locales.

Many opponents are seen, such as tiny flying insects resembling mosquitoes, a huge rodent that wields a club, and a huge floating eyeball with arms.

The design of most creatures is intriguing and diverse, encompassing a wide spectrum of species.

/ Elderand

The game’s expansive world is explored using acquired traversal skills like a grappling hook and a super jump to access previously inaccessible areas.

The game also includes several boss battles that put these skills to the test. Additionally, Elderand has bonfires a la Dark Souls that may be used as save and rest points and a rapid travel system using portals.

Elderand is different from other games because it lets players customize their characters’ looks and stats. It also has a system for improving players’ favorite weapons with looted resources.

Gamers who want to preview some of Elderand’s content before its debut can do so with a free demo. According to what has been demonstrated thus far, Elderand is posing to be a Metroidvania treasure.

On February 16, Elderand will be available for PC and Nintendo Switch.


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