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Elden Ring Guide: Characters, Weapons, Level Up, and Server Status



Elden Ring

Among the latest online multiplayer games launched in February, Elden Ring is gaining immense attention from the gaming community. The game was developed by FromSoftware Inc. and published by Bandai Namco.

Essentially, Elden Ring is a role-playing open-world game where people play as characters tasked with restoring the Elden Ring to its original position and becoming the ultimate Elden Lord. During this process, players will get to use many different weapons. Find out more about characters, weapons, and server status in this Elden Ring Guide.

Elden Ring Best Characters

In the game, there are 10 classes of characters. All new players must select from these classes, which share nine attributes with different levels. As an alternative, if a player does not wish to think too hard about it, they can select the class called Vagabond, which is an all-rounder character class.

Players can also choose Astrologer characters if they want to use magic in the game. There are also several other classes in the game, including Bandit, Confessor, Hero, Prisoner, Prophet, Samurai, Warrior, and Wretch.

Elden Ring Weapons

As a new player, the Twinblade will be the best weapon to start with. Players spawn in Limgrave, where you can find it easily. Although there are other strong weapons in the game, due to its close proximity to where players are spawned, Twinblade is relatively easy to obtain.

A horse can enter it behind a wall structure located in the southeast corner of the Dragon-Burnt ruins. Behind the wall is a secret passage that contains a chest containing the weapon. Players may need to farm Runes to level up their strength and dexterity, however. Bandit’s Curved Sword may also be drawn from some enemies and requires fewer stats than Twinblade.

Elden Ring Server Status

The new game, Elden Ring, has just been released, so many players are eager to try it out. However, some of them are experiencing a “Network status check failed” error. Players cannot resolve this error as it is caused by excessive load over the game’s servers.

At the moment, Elden Ring servers are working at full capacity, so there is a good chance that players wishing to play the online campaign will have to wait. Due to server overload, the players in Europe were unable to play the game Lost Ark. Players can check the server status by visiting the game’s official social media pages. We will be back with more gaming news soon.

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