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Does Gamstop stop the National Lottery?



National Lottery

Suppose you consider self-exclusion in your gaming practice but do not want to close all games completely. For example, you believe that the national lottery can remain in your gaming sessions. As the lottery organiser says on the official website, “We all know that when people play a bit, miracles can happen”.

The state lottery is played by 60% of the UK population. If you think it won’t hurt you, then you can keep it open. Also, if you play this lottery, you can do good things for people. Let’s say you entertain yourself in raffles, while at the same time the people of England get help thanks to you.

How does it all work? The logical answer to the question: Does Gamstop stop the national lottery? Let’s get it sorted out in order.

Responsible Play in the National Lottery

Let’s start by looking at the rules of responsible play in the National Lottery itself. Camelot UK Lotteries Limited, the organizer of these games, pays excellent attention to player safety on its website.

  1. It provides a link to the website and phone number of GamCare, which handles support for problem players.
  2. It offers to take a test to see if you are at risk.
  3. The operator has posted a calculator to calculate how much money you spend each month. All this information remains confidential.
  4. You can set spending limits using your account on the National Lottery website.

Incidentally, Camelot is one of the first UK operators to join GamCare. They have been working together for many years to provide the safest possible environment for UK players. That’s why the lottery has a particular position in the self-exclusion scheme. GamStop partly closes it and somewhat leaves it available.

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How GamStop works with the National lottery

So, you have decided to register in the registry and close access to all games. Let’s understand what happens next.

You can play games

The National Lottery’s draw games, including the main Lotto game and Euro Millions, remain open to play. What makes these games unique is that they raise money for charity. During the week, participants in the draws contribute to the fund, and it ranges in size from around £30 million.

All of these millions go to over 600,000 good causes. These include tasks such as:

  • Restoration of the famous Wembley Stadium;
  • Fight for Peace – setting up youth halls;
  • Social Bite – a network of sandwich shops that put profits to support the homeless;
  • River and Sea Sense – a water safety education project;
  • Avalon Marches – conservation of a unique nature reserve in Somerset;
  • The Hull City of Culture – organising a city of culture.

For these reasons, GamStop retains access to Lotto, EuroMillions, Set For Life and other draws.

You cannot play online instant win games

However, GamStop closes access to National Lottery’s online instant win games (including online scratch cards). The reason is that these games are designed in a similar way to slot machines and are therefore easily addictive.

Thus, you cannot play scratch cards and instant win games if you register with the scheme. Games such as £1M Spin Pick Win, Monopoly Gold, Winter Wonderlines, Mega Cashword Pink, Super Cash Bolt and others will be closed.

You won’t even be able to play the free versions of these games because GamStop is shutting them down for the sake of keeping players out of frustration.

Plus, the National Lottery gives you the chance to win up to £1 million in these games. The free version reminds you of this opportunity and makes you feel frustrated. So they are removed from access.

You also won’t receive marketing mailings with offers from the National Lottery. However, you will probably be able to see ads online.

Alternative solutions

However, even if you have registered with the scheme, you can get around these restrictions. You get help from non GamStop casinos 2022, which operate overseas in the UK. They do not report to the UK commission but international regulators such as the Malta or Curacao commissions.

These platforms can also provide a secure environment. For example, you can put spending and deposit limits, enable temporary or permanent gaming bans. You can do this by logging into your cabinet or contacting the support team.

If you are interested in the National Lottery, check its availability before registering. Usually, gambling brands make a handy menu where you see the whole range of offers.

Where can I find such sites? You can find any non GamStop list and choose the names suggested on it. A reminder that all brands need to be tested before registering. Use demos or make minimum deposits. Check how the support service works, how fast the games are launched. Read reviews and players’ comments to choose the best gambling platform.


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