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Destiny 2 Season 19 Matchmaking Changes



Destiny 2 Season 19 Matchmaking Changes

(CTN News) – Bungie has implemented many changes to the PvP domain in Destiny 2 in the past few seasons in an effort to improve the player experience.

There has been a lot of focus on improving weapon and ability balances, but the development team has also been focusing on matchmaking as well.

As a matter of fact, matchmaking plays an instrumental role in almost all modes of PvP in the game. Matchmaking strategies can make fair competition nearly Destiny 2 impossible since PvP matches are dependent on a variety of factors, including player skill.

It has been revealed by the developers in their latest blog post that there will be a few more changes made to Season of the Seraph and Lightfall.

Bungie is working on extra matchmaking updates for Destiny 2 Season 19 and Lightfall

Season 19 of the game introduced a revolutionary matchmaking method called Fireteam-based matchmaking which Bungie introduced at the beginning of Season 19.

For those who are unfamiliar with fireteam-based matchmaking, it is a method of making sure that teams of six will be queued against each other for the purpose of participating in any activity in Destiny 2.

Since queueing as a team means there is proper communication between the players, that ensures that most of the matches are fair for the most part.

A key aspect of PvP matches is communication, which is why the updated matchmaking algorithm is being implemented in its entirety as a result of communication.

In order to continue to improve their matchmaking strategies even further, Bungie will continue to monitor and collect data from such matches.

Developers have stated that as their confidence in this system increases, the number of freelance nodes will decrease in all game modes as their confidence in the system increases.

It is planned that this will be implemented with the upcoming Destiny 2 Iron Banner event which will be held on January 31. In view of this, Guardians will need to prepare themselves for the possibility of fewer freelance nodes joining the Iron Banner the next time it becomes live.

The developers will proceed to extend the Fireteam-based matchmaking feature to the Trials of Osiris, and eventually to the 3v3 Competitive mode, as soon as the issues with this matchmaking system have been ironed out in the Iron Banner.

It is unclear whether or not these changes will be applied to the latter modes within the game itself, within Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph.

In addition, it is unclear whether or not they will be applied to the former modes. The Guardians are likely to notice these changes from the time of Light fall onwards.

This expansion is considered to be a harbinger of many improvements to the game as far as quality-of-life enhancements are concerned.


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