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‘Destiny 2’ Players Are Throwing Games For Iron Banners



'Destiny 2' Players Are Throwing Games For Iron Banners

(CTN News) – Destiny 2’s Hakke emblem trading scandal is back. However, it’s not as fascinating as the old “throw the game” sign.

It’s Iron Banner this time, and the Destiny 2 games being played require less signaling, and more just…organized apathy.

What brought us here? Here’s what’s happening in Destiny 2 right now:

  • Iron Banner’s reputation track has a very, very effective shader hidden away. In my opinion, it’s one of the most original shaders I’ve seen in the game.

  • I believe you need to play somewhere between 60-80 Destiny 2 games to reach rank 16 in the second reset, depending on how often you win or lose, and if you max your reputation multipliers.

  • If you have max multipliers, wins in Iron Banner will give you 300 reputation, while losses will give you 220. Hence, two quick mercy losses, which can take three to four minutes, will earn you 440 reputation compared to a game that lasts nine minutes for 300 reputation.

  • The only thing you lose is 220 if you lose.

  • Therefore, players have discovered that if they want to grind rep and really get that shader, they can band together and lose as fast as possible, usually after a few minutes with a score of 65-0, and that’s the quickest way to get that shader.

  • It is also a more boring way to do this, but it is extremely efficient in terms of time.

  • There are now LFG groups looking for five additional Destiny 2players to throw games by essentially doing nothing.

  • As long as the other team wins the game after the first turret drop, I will only be emoting and running around to avoid getting kicked for being AFK.

As a result, a few issues are revealed. The current grind is so tedious and exhausting that people would rather do this than actually play the mode. Second, there is no mechanism to prevent this.

There are plenty of legitimate mercy losses, way more than illegitimate ones, and those people still want their reputation for at least trying.

I don’t think there’s an easy fix here, and honestly, I don’t think there should be one either. If people want to grind to 19,000 total reps to get to the shader, I mean, I’m all for it.

For the team that beats them, it’s an even faster 300 reps, so no one loses.

There are problems with Iron Banner itself, which has been cut down to just two weeks. This is not enough time to grind out all the weapon rolls, armor sets, and shaders hidden in the second reset.

Since no dates have been set yet for the second week, Destiny 2 players are concerned they might not be able to even play next time, so they should grind now.


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