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‘Destiny 2’ Anti-Cheating Legal Battle Leans Towards Bungie



'Destiny 2' Anti-Cheating Legal Battle Leans towards Bungie

(CTN NEWS) – Destiny 2 developer Bungie‘s anti-cheating lawsuit appears to be falling its way after a court ruled against cheats company AimJunkies’ retaliation claim.

After AimJunkies accused the developer of accessing the computer of one cheat creator named James May, U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Zilly agreed with Bungie, according to TorrentFreak (and picked up by Eurogamer).

Judge Zilly ruled, “May has not sufficiently alleged that Bungie accessed his personal computer and files without his consent.”

“May relies on a document Bungie allegedly generated during discovery in this suit to substantiate his assertion that Bungie accessed his personal computer.”

He continued, “May does not explain this document or how it supports claims that Bungie improperly accessed his computer and downloaded his personal information.”

This Destiny 2 Anti-Cheating Legal Battle decision is likely to harm AimJunkies case in the initial lawsuit brought by Bungie, even if the case is still pending and might still go either way.

The developer filed the complaint last year, alleging that AimJunkies produced cheats violating its copyright rules.

The cheating company referred to Bungie’s assertion as “stupid and preposterous,” adding that “Bungie and their attorneys believe the more s**t you throw at the wall, the better the possibility of something staying with the court.”

Although it is unknown when or how the lawsuit will be handled, Bungie recently came to an arrangement with Elite Boss Tech, a different cheats business, which was required to pay $13.5 million in damages.

The company has taken a no-nonsense approach to any signs of cheating or misleading in Destiny 2, as evidenced by these two lawsuits.

As well as one in which Bungie issued a virtual manhunt for a YouTuber who issued fake DMCA takedowns. eventually suing him for $7.6 million.

Bungie ultimately sued the person for $7.6 million.


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