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Crosswordle Answer Today: Today’s 93 Word Puzzle Solutions April 22, 2022

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(CTN News) – Crosswordle is similar to Wordle in that you are given the answer, but must figure out what other words you could have used. You must fill in a grid with words while keeping in mind the color of the tiles.

Green tiles represent the letter of the answer in the same position as the colored tiles. A yellow letter can be any letter in the solution as long as it is not in the same position as the solution. A grey letter must not appear in either the answer or the row above or below.


The game is harder than it appears, but don’t worry; we’ll be back every day with the answers so you can see what words we used to help you. Due to the nature of the puzzle game, more than one word could have been used, so we will reveal another solution every day.

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What is the Crosswordle 93 Answer Today? (April 22, 2022)

Instead of the five words we get on the weekends, today’s Crosswordle asks only for three. For Crosswordle 93, the word at the bottom of the grid is ‘EARTH’, and the green tile in the row above must be an R. There are two yellow tiles in this row, which can be an E, A, T, or H, but you cannot use the same letter twice.

It is possible for the two yellow tiles in the second row to be any two of the colored tiles from the row below. The first row has only one yellow tile at the beginning, which cannot be an E.

Today, I used the following words to complete the Crosswordle 93 puzzle:

  • 1st Word – RIGID
  • 2nd Word – PROSE
  • 3rd Word – BERAY

Here are some alternative words you could have used instead:

  • 1st Word – TUMMY
  • 2nd Word – DROIT
  • 3rd Word – STRAP
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