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Classic Slot Machines



Classic Slot Machines

These casino slot Machines games most often mean a carryover or recreation of the one-armed bandits that used to be found in bars, gambling halls and land-based casinos.

These are simple slot machines with 3 or 5 reels and several paylines. They usually have no jackpot, bonus symbols.

In many cases, these are fruit games, classic ringtones. They are characterized by very simple graphics and a few characteristic sounds. Often they even look like slots in a bar.

Fairspin online casino

These are also classic slot machines, but with a different hot type. We are talking about a group of slot machines that were created, in particular, by the Novomatic brand.

They were called Hot XX, which gave the name to this special category. They typically have a 777 symbol, a bar, bells as well as fruit symbols. They are also quite simple in their design.

Video Casino Slots

These are more complex casino slot machine games. They typically consist of at least 5 reels with a selected number of paylines.

The biggest difference from the classic models is due to the better quality of graphics.

Here, developers rely on HD-quality symbols, as for thematic games. These are typically licensed games based on comics or movies.

Usually there are special symbols in such games, such as wild, scatter, bonus, or jackpot.

3D slots

these are the most modern and advanced online casino games Fairspin. They are very similar to video slot machines, but the difference is that they usually also have numerous animations.

These can be either constant animations during the game or present during wins and bonus rounds.

3D slots have the most beautiful graphics and sound design. They contain bonus games and interesting movie interludes.

They can also be based on movie licenses. Recently, such online casino slots are the most popular among players.

Types of casino slots

There are several main categories among modern online slots, and within them—numerous subcategories.

However, two of the most popular online casino slots are described below.Fruit games Their style clearly resembles the most classic bar slots.

So you can expect simple rules, minimalistic audiovisual design and few additional options.

Fruit machines with 3 reels and 3 rows and a maximum of 10 paylines are standard. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

Fruit games are a great option for beginner players. The symbols will be fruits as standard, in addition to bells and other classic casino game themes.

777 casino games are a little more advanced than fruit machines in terms of rules and graphics.

In this category we can also find many innovative positions in which, for example, interesting bonus options are available, as well as graphic effects.

Of course, there are many more offers when it comes to casino slots. However, to begin with, you should not opt for complex video slots with re-spins options, expanding symbols, dozens of paylines and a complex structure of bonus rounds.

More advanced slots are designed mainly for experienced players.

The most interesting new online slots with us

We are proud to be experts in the casino slots industry and as a result, compared to our competitors, we offer our visitors only the best and most fascinating casino slots for free.

Each game from our offer has been specially selected according to such parameters as: manufacturer, bonuses, graphics, navigation. You can count on us, among others.

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