Casino Tricks And Tactics To Engage Players
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Casino Tricks and Tactics to Engage Players



Casino Tricks and Tactics to Engage Players

How enticing does a betting website advertisement look, placed on a sleek city-light in Westminster, London? Even more appealing is the website itself. In a burst of emotion, a renowned footballer urges you to sign up. The casino slots section is in bright gold tones. And there are large sums of winnings displayed. And this is just the beginning.

The First Few Minutes Matter the Most

Upon entering a licensed online casino website, you must provide a long list of personal information and undergo verification. From my experience with Casushi Casino, this takes 1-3 days.

However, many impatient players turn to foreign casinos due to this, where the registration process is simplified and can be completed in just a few minutes. Our colleague, Govan Thompson, a notable gambling analyst, has prepared an entire list of such casinos:

This is precisely why, after the advertisement, players are directly led to the registration page and, from there, to the cashier. Before you know it, you’re clicking the “deposit” button.

Game Design

While everyone understands that casinos always have a house edge, a well-thought-out game design will never let you realize this.

For instance, you bet on all lines (let’s say there are 9). You win on one of these lines, and the slot design will highlight that specific win without letting you know that, overall, your bet resulted in a loss.

Similarly, losing bets go unnoticed without alerts, while any win is highly conspicuous.

Moreover, have you ever wondered when money is deducted from your account: before the slot reels stop or after? The answer: before. Money is taken the moment you hit the “spin” button.

Near Misses

This, probably, is the killer feature.

You spin the slot. The last reel is spinning, and… it stops just 1 symbol away from a massive jackpot. You were so close to luck!

How do you feel at that moment?

Since near misses feel like wins, they stimulate the same brain regions as actual wins do. By activating this part of the brain, players are encouraged to keep spinning. In fact, this is an even greater incentive than an actual win.

Using Tokens and Chips in Casinos

Casinos often opt for tokens and chips over cash for various reasons, but the primary one revolves around their psychological impact on gamblers. For most adults, letting go of a chip feels less daunting than handing over a tangible bill. Even if the chip represents the same monetary value as the bill, the latter holds more financial significance to players.

Many gamblers view tokens and chips as already spent, making them more inclined to use them without hesitation. Since they initially intended to use the chip in a game, they rarely second-guess their decision to part with it.


Gambling has been around for over a thousand years. This is already a “considerable” experience.

But thanks to technology and continuous learning from players, the level of attachment, and sometimes even addiction, to casinos can reach dangerous levels. In this article, we have tried to describe known casino tricks, but a significant portion remains undisclosed.


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