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How To Beat Ramon Boss In Resident Evil 4 Remake?

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(CTN NEWS) – After Chapter 12 in the Resident Evil 4 remake, players face the chatty boss Ramon Salazar.

Ramon evolves into one of the game’s biggest and most horrifying-looking bosses, packing a lot of the Resident Evil 4 remake’s Plaga inside his little frame.

Ramon is one of Resident Evil 4’s toughest bosses for a variety of reasons, thus players must be vigilant to avoid falling to him.

He isn’t too difficult to defeat, though, and players can take pleasure in earning some amusing achievements along the road with the help of a variety of techniques.

How To Beat Ramon In Resident Evil 4 Remake?

Ramon Boss Fighting Tips

resident evil 4 remake ramon transformed

Ramon’s tendency to move throughout the room and between the platforms above and below makes him one of the boss battles that can be challenging.

With some of Resident Evil 4’s strongest weapons, including the Stingray rifle, which is a go-to for boss encounters and can be useful, but only when Ramon stops, he becomes exceedingly difficult to hit.

There are numerous strategies to avoid Ramon’s blows and defeat him more quickly:

Utilise Pillars As Cover

resident evil 4 remake ramon boss battle

Ramon frequently spits out a dark, tar-like acid that depletes the players’ health.

It’s not a good idea to stand on the top platform because it is excessively exposed; nevertheless, players can jump over the walls to safety if they find themselves in an extremely tight spot.

To avoid as much acid as you can, focus on using the pillars as cover.

Do Not Use Ucidic Boils

resident evil 4 remake ramon boss battle 4

Ramon’s acid can occasionally leave lethal boils on the ground; these are better avoided or fired from a safe distance because they serve as proximity explosives when players approach them.

When escaping from Ramon’s assaults, be careful since stepping into one is simple.

Aim For Close

resident evil 4 remake ramon boss battle 3

Prepare a close-combat weapon, such as the shotgun or assault rifle, to wreak havoc on Ramon when he approaches in the area below, and keep an eye out for his charging attack that might be fatal to Leon.

Ramon’s weak point is his gaping mouth. Thus, players must aim for that.

When players deal enough damage, Ramon stops moving, giving them a chance to use Leon’s knife to stab Ramon in the eye, which has a messy effect.

To defeat Ramon, players should repeat this method. As needed, they can replenish their ammo by looking in neighbouring barrels.

How to Get the ‘You Talk Too Much!’ Achievement

resident evil 4 remake ramon defeated

Ramon’s mouth with a grenade to earn the “You Talk Too Much!” award. Grenades cause damage and could help the battle move along more quickly, but they don’t guarantee an instant kill.

Some players experiment with putting other items, such as Golden Eggs, inside Ramon’s mouth to see what happens.

Ramon is reduced to nothing more than a horrifying mess once players defeat him, thus the only thing left to do is take his tin of rouge and leave the room.

Players who want to complete all Ramon-related accomplishments might also want to look for Ramon Salazar’s chair from Resident Evil 4 and hurl an egg at his neighboring artwork.

It’s time to finish Chapter 12 and pursue Ashley while preparing for the upcoming major boss battle for Krauser.

Available right now on the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and PC is the Resident Evil 4 remake.


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