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Battlefield 2042 Joins Game Pass Ultimate, Free For A Limited Time



Battlefield 2042 Joins Game Pass Ultimate, Free For A Limited Time

(CTN NEWS) – Electronic Arts and DICE have released a new development update video for Battlefield 2042. Multiple free play opportunities and a new season for the game will be available in the future.

EA also announced that Battlefield 2042 would be joined by Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (via EA Access) with the start of Season 3.

As part of Season 3, DICE will introduce a new Specialist character, a new map they have always wanted to create, a new battle pass, more Portal content, and additional events.

In a blog post, DICE said, “We’re only a few weeks from the start of Season 3. This season will see us head to a new Battlefield, one we’ve always wanted to visit but never have in our 20 years of creating Battlefields.”

Season 3 is expected to begin in the coming weeks, so fans shouldn’t wait much longer to find out what’s new. Moreover, EA teased that Season 4 is in the works and that DICE is already pre-producing “new content” for 2023.

Lastly, the full development update video shows the Specialist rework, bringing the game back to a classic Battlefield experience with four familiar classes.

Additionally, the video shows off the reworked Manifest and Breakaway maps and highlights new weapons. EA also hosts several free play periods for Battlefield 2042 starting in December.

Players should be able to unlock all battle pass content during the free access period, and all purchases and progress made during the free access period should carry forward when the game is purchased.

Free Play Periods for Battlefield 2042:

  • Xbox: December 1, 12:01 AM PT to December 4, 11:59 PM PT.
  • Steam: December 1, 10 AM PT to December 5, 10 AM PT.
  • PlayStation: December 16, 8 a.m. to December 23, 8 a.m.

Following the less-than-stellar launch of Battlefield 2042 in 2021, reports emerged that EA and DICE were considering making the game free for all. Those free-play periods are happening, but whether the game ever becomes fully free-to-play remains to be seen.


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