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Apple Arcade: New Games Coming This Month

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Apple Arcade: New Games Coming This Month

(CTN NEWS) – CNET Editors’ Choice award winner Apple Arcade offers hundreds of games for only $5 (£5, AU$8) a month. Classics and familiar titles are available on the service and exclusive titles.

They are available in the regular App Store but have paywalls and ads that might hinder your gaming experience. You can play every game without paywalls or ads when you subscribe to Apple Arcade.

Games And Updates For January 2023 On Apple Arcade

The new games and updates coming to Apple Arcade are listed below:


Episode XOXO (Pocket Gems) — Created by the Episode Interactive Studio of Pocket Gems, Episode XOXO is an interactive storytelling game with a constantly expanding library of tales in which players make decisions about their fate and live out their tales of love, passion.

Adventure and drama. Little Star, The Royal Bachelor, No Time For Love, The Secret He Keeps, and Road To Wonderland are the five original stories that will be included in the game’s first release.

Additional stories will be added in later updates.

Episode XOXO

Episode XOXO

13 January

Border Leap’s Illustrated immerses players in stunning images and the narratives that go with them.

Each puzzle starts with a picture representing an early idea drawing, along with the hidden words of the artist’s story behind their work of art.

The gameplay is inventive and combines word and jigsaw puzzles.

The image comes to life with color with each carefully placed piece as the story’s words gradually emerge. When everything is finished, the story and full-color masterpiece are unveiled.

Border Leaps 1


20 January

Ride On! Pocket Card Jockey (GAME FREAK Inc.) – Although the core rules of Pocket Card Jockey, initially published to critical acclaim on the Nintendo 3DS, have not changed, the racing sequences have been given a stunning 3D makeover.

By removing cards with consecutive numbers quickly, one after the other, players will jockey their way to victory.

The more cards they eliminate, the happier their horse will be, which in turn helps them refuel for competitions.

The difficulty of their solitary rounds depends on where their horse is on the course. Players can get a couple up the cherished horses they have raised on the racetrack on the farm as they prepare for upcoming races.

They will pass on their skills to the foal they produce, who will replace them as their racing companion. Breed racehorses for several generations to win all the world’s largest and most famous races.

Ride On Pocket Card Jockey 1


27 January

Squiggle Drop (Noodlecake): This puzzle game challenges players to use their ideas and creativity to solve fun physics puzzles by sketching just one shape.

Players can earn rewards to create their own Squiggletown by solving over 100 puzzles, each of which has various, frequently unexpected solutions.

As players develop their customized city, new structures, accessories, and enhancements become available.

Squiggle Drop

Squiggle Drop. Image: Noodlecake

Apple Arcade Games Getting January Updates


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