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All About Poker Tournaments Los Angeles

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All about Poker Tournaments Los Angeles

Are you looking to test your gambling skills and try your luck in poker tournaments Los Angeles ? If so, then this article is for you. Poker tournaments have increased in popularity over the recent past due to the convenience and more opportunities that players get.

In a poker tournament, players get a chance to get a number of chips in exchange for a buy-in. It features as few as only two players on a single table or as many as tens of thousands of players on thousands of tables which get paid cash based on how well you are placed in the competition.

Read on to learn about some of the popular  Poker Tournaments Los Angeles and the features to look for you.

What to Consider When Picking Poker Tournaments Los Angeles

With so many Poker Tournaments Los Angeles on the calendar, it may prove to be difficult when it comes to deciding which one is right for you. From the high-stakes world-series level tournaments to the smaller weekly competitions, online poker sites offer various events.

Here are some features that you should look out for:

Field Size

Consider whether you want to play against thousands of other players or just a dozen of them. In tournaments, good players have higher expectations when playing against less skilled players.

Competing in tourneys with a small field size means you are more likely to win than participate in a large field.

The Buy-In

Pick a tourney in proportion to your skill level and with an amount that you are comfortable losing. This means that you should be prepared to lose your entire buy-in if you choose to enter a small pool tourney with more skilled players than you.

At such a point, the competition becomes 100% fun, which an amateur player is in it for. Therefore, one good rule in tournaments is choosing a competition based on your skill and financial comfort levels.

Find an Ideal Blind Structure

If you are an amateur player looking to have fun, then go for an event that starts with a large number of chips and then blinds that move up very slowly. This can get you the most bang for your cash and reduce the impact of player skill, albeit for a few rounds.

You need to consider your strongest part of the poker game and settle on a structure that matches your abilities.

Popular Types of Poker Tournaments

Here’s a list of some of the popular poker tournaments to look out for:

Guaranteed Poker Tournaments

The number of players taking part in a tourney significantly affects its prize pool. For example, when 50 players buy-in at $100, then its prize pool will only be $5,000. But when 500 players decide to buy in, that same tournament can have a $50,000 prize pool.

To cover the uncertainty that comes with not knowing how many players will take part in a particular tourney comes the guaranteed poker tournament. It offers a guarantee to cover the difference shouldn’t there be enough players.

The prize pool in this tournament is divided amongst top players based on the payout structure.

Spin N Go’s

A Spin N Go is a fast-paced competition that involves three players. It features a varying prize pool from event to event with 3-minute blinds.

Its prize pool is selected as a multiplier ranging 2 to 3000 times the buy-in. A player starts with 500 chips, with the winning taking home the whole prize pool.

Bounty Tournaments

In this tourney, part of the prize pool is set aside. This portion is called a bounty and is awarded to the player who has knocked out another and won their chips.


Shootouts are multiple sit n go’s played over several rounds. There are several pre-set tables in this competition, with 2 to 10 players taking part in each table. Play continues in the first round until a winner is gotten from each table.

In the next round, the winners start on a new table. This continues until an ultimate winner is determined from the final table.


Poker Tournaments Los Angeles provides a fun way for players to get a lot of action for a low buy-in. With consistent rake rates, players can easily understand how much of their invested cash goes to the prize pool.

If you are competitive and want to try your luck for a big payday, poker tournaments are the best option for the skilled gambler.


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