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6 Positive Effects of Mobile Gaming That You Probably Didn’t Know About



6 Positive Effects of Mobile Gaming That You Probably Didn't Know About

Many people see mobile gaming only as a distraction, but there are a number of ways in which it can have a positive effect on your life!

Mobile Gaming: The Positive Effects

Depending on what generation you’re from, you might look at mobile gaming in a few different ways. The boomers don’t understand why you would spend so much time staring at that little block in your hand, and Gen Xs think you could probably be working instead of gaming. Millennials are into a bit of escapism whenever they can get it, and Gen Z is all about wireless, hand-held everything!

The truth is that playing mobile games of all sorts (everything from mobile roulette to Ark to Clash of Clans) can have a wide range of very positive effects on your life. Apart from allowing you to escape into a myriad of fantastical worlds and situations, mobile gaming can make you better at all kinds of things that you probably never thought about before. Let’s take a look at six ways that mobile gaming can improve your life.

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Improved Decision-making Skills

If you play games where you are asked to make “life or death” or critical decisions at the drop of a hat on a regular basis, this is essentially practicing decision-making. As we all know, practice makes perfect; this constant decisiveness in simulated circumstances helps you to assess and understand the state of affairs and make sensible, logical decisions as fast as possible. In problematic situations, people who play action games are able to make rational and accurate decisions up to 25% faster than people who do not. It’s a valuable skill to have on hand at any time because the unexpected could be right around the corner, and enhanced decision-making is beneficial if you work in a high-stress environment where quick decisions are necessary.

Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

Regular gamers are found to have far sharper sensory-motor skills (the skills that we use when taking in information about our surroundings using our senses, which help form the body’s response to stimuli) than people who play no games at all. If these skills are improved, hand-eye coordination is automatically enhanced as well. This means that your typing, bike riding, tennis playing, vegetable cutting, painting, and sewing skills will all be improved because your senses and your muscles are more in tune with one another.

Gamers and nongamers were pitted against each other in a study, and the results were clear. While at first, using the mouse, there were no radical differences, but when the tests became repetitive, as actions in games can often become, the gamers pulled ahead. Being able to handle repetitive tasks better will certainly help anyone who works on a computer.

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Improved Multitasking

If you’ve ever played a game in which a battlefield situation arises, you’ll already know how much happens around you in the middle of a melee. You’re asked to watch your own back, attack, dodge falling arrows or shells, and still execute complicated fighting combinations simultaneously. Repeating these actions over and over again enhances your multitasking skills. Those skills can be put to use in an office environment, when caring for your family, or playing sports, among other things.

Improved Social and Teamwork Skills

There was a time not so long ago when concerned mothers worried that children playing games all on their own in their bedroom would lead them to become antisocial. However, the facts speak for themselves; if you play games where social aspects are vital in completing the game or tasks within it, your social skills are automatically improving.

In 2022, we know that being social doesn’t necessarily mean being physically present in a room with other people. Talking to your teammates or friends through game chats or chat apps, working together as a team to overcome challenges in the game, and interacting together in this simulated world require the same skills that you would need to navigate a physical gathering of friends. Teamwork skills are also enhanced in the same way. Working out problems and delegating tasks are skills that you can use in the home or workplace to help get things done in a smooth and efficient manner.

Improved Cognitive Abilities

Both your visuospatial and spatial abilities, which form part of your cognitive set, are vastly improved by playing mobile games on a regular basis. The most basic of tasks that you perform daily, such as driving, working out, or even making a sandwich, rely on these skills. When you cross the road or drive your car, you need to be able to accurately judge how far a vehicle or pedestrian is from you, how wide the road is, etc. Gaming puts you in situations where you must understand these concepts in a virtual setting. This practice makes it easier to sense and understand the space around you in the real world and also in some fields of work like engineering and meteorology, to name a few.

Image by Ketut Subiyanto via Pexels

They Allow You To Relax

The primary aim of any game is to have fun and enjoy yourself. Relaxing by engaging in your favorite hobbies is necessary for a complete and well-rounded life. Downtime is essential to balance the other things we need to do in our lives, and mobile gaming is an excellent way to enjoy your chilltime. The benefits of relaxation are numerous, so embrace them!

Wrap Up

Playing mobile games is so good for you in so many ways; why not give it a try?

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