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5 Best Strategies to Increase your Chances at Video Poker

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Video poker is known to be among the few casino games that give you the opportunity to influence the outcome of the game. It offers you the opportunity to choose which card to discard, and which card to keep, thereby giving you maximum control over your gameplay.

There are variations of video poker machines such as wild card games, bonus poker, and lots more. However, the most popular one is the Jacks or Better games.

Gambling can be quite frustrating when you don’t seem to win in the long run. Thinking about how to increase your chances of winning at video poker, the first thing to understand is how the game actually works. Video poker is like any other casino game which deals basically on odds and math.

However, let’s take a look at some of these strategies that can help increase your chances, these strategies can also be useful while playing blackjack, video slots and other similar games.

Understand the Basic Concept of the Game

A lot of people don’t know the difference between video poker games and slot machines. The fact that both games work using the random number generator (RNG) program doesn’t mean they are the same. The RNG for video poker games is designed to follow the probability you’d see from a deck of cards.

There are differences in the various versions of video poker, making it important to be quite conversant with each variant, as not being aware of it can result in you suffering from heavy and disappointing losses. This is why you need to go through the rules and get an in-depth understanding of what the game entails.

Furthermore, despite the various types of video poker, one thing that is common to them all is that they are all based on the mechanics of five-card draw poker. In order to secure a win in this game, you just end up with a poker hand i.e. a royal flush, two pairs, flush or even a straight. The main advantage of playing this casino game is the fact that you are not playing against other players but a computer making it easier to follow the strategy that works for you, rather than just guessing.

Pick the Right Pay Table

One amazing fact about video poker is that the machine gives you the opportunity to know exactly the expected payout you get even before the game starts. It is therefore essential to do your research to figure out the best video poker that offers an awesome paytable.

The main aim of playing is to measure your odds of making certain hands against the potential payout for those particular hands. Going for a 9/6 pay chart when considering the Jacks or Better video poker is a better option to go for, as it offers a full house pay on 9 coins and flush pay on 6 coins.

Join the VIP Club

These VIP clubs are created to help you and other punters play more and longer to get comps. Joining a players club gives you a better chance of earning special bonuses and discounts offered by casinos to only special players.

By doing this, it helps in the reduction of the house edge at the end of the day. It is therefore essential to browse through various online casinos and select the one that has a greater advantage concerning video poker games.

Take your Time

Playing video poker as fast as possible is quite entertaining and thrilling, but not when you are losing money. Video poker does not hasten you to make decisions, whereby you then make unnecessary mistakes. Therefore, ensure you give yourself enough time to think clearly before making any decisions.

By making hasty decisions, you end up losing a lot of money due to house edge and the expectation from the casino.

Take note that there is absolutely no reason to rush the game, endeavor not to play too fast and miss important things.

Make use of Bonuses and Promotional Offers

Video poker is known to have a very low house edge. And there is quite a lot of promotions and bonuses available for punters, not on the for Jacks or Better video poker, but it is also available for every other game.

Looking out for the right promotions gives you a better opportunity at increasing your chances at video poker machines since you would be able to play extra games with the bonus cash. For situations in which you are playing an online casino, and you can’t seem to find any bonus offer, you can always go ahead to ask the casino customer service, and you would surely be attended to.

Final Thoughts

One of the best decisions you can ever make upon logging in to your preferred online casino is playing video poker games, most especially Jacks or Better video poker. You can find this and other versions of the game among Bovada’s video poker games.

Learning and implementing the above strategy at the right moment would surely increase your chances of winning.


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