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Three Killed after their Car Crashes into Roadside Canal



Three people have been killed after their car skidded off a road and crashed into a roadside canal on Sunday.

Police and rescuers rushed to the scene on Non Daeng-Prathai road in Nakhon Ratchasima about 2.50pm.

On arriving at the scene, they found the Toyota car submerged upside down in the water. Three people — a man and two women — had been pulled out of the crashed car. Mr. Veerachet Kaensuk, 28, who was driving past the spot and stopped on seeing a 14-year-old girl waving for help.

The rescuers performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the man and the women, who appeared unconscious, but found they had died.

The girl, Parichat Kwanruan, was the only survivor of the accident. She told police that the car was headed from Non Daeng district to Ban Chong Maew village in Phimai district. On the way, she fell asleep and woke up when the car crashed into the canal.

She managed to get out of the car and waved for help when she saw Mr Veerachet driving past the spot. He extracted the other three occupants of the car and called police.

Police are investigating to determine how the tragic accident happened.

News Source:Bangkok Post, Innnews


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