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Officials Report 35 People Have Drowned from Floods in Thailand

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BANGKOK -Thailand’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation reports that at least 35 people have drowned due to floods in Thailand. Floods have submerged homes, bridges and uprooted trees throughout Thailand.

Rapid floods were caused by tropical storms and brought heavy rain from August 29 till now.

A total of 32 provinces have been hard hit by floods and torrential rains. Officials report about 5,000 houses throughout the country are damaged by floods and over 400,000 households affected.

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Most who perished in the floods were reported in the northeastern part of Thailand. Severe floods are still continuing in four northeastern provinces including Ubon Ratchathani, Yasothon, Roi Et  and Si Sa Ket.

Relief officials along with army personnel have; mobilized necessary equipment; installed water pumps; and distributed food and water to the flood victims in temporary tents m and flooded areas, officials said.

The relief officials have also provided health services and rehabilitate flood victims. Houses repairs would be performed after floods have receded, officials added.

Prime Minister Visits Victims in Northeastern Thailand

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Meanwhile, Prime Minister Prayut claims that the government cannot immediately distribute money to disaster victims. As the allocated budget requires a clear action plan be put in place first, ensuring transparency.

Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, said that the assistance must be based on the consent of the villagers, and the authorities must take the best care of them. Ministers will from now on will be visiting affected villagers more frequently.

He said the government is preparing to instigate the recovery plan in areas where flooding has already subsided. This will be discussed within the Cabinet to provide recovery as quickly as possible. The military’s engineering department will help repair roads and houses, and help out other agencies.

Authorities have arranged military camps and government offices as shelters for victims. Many have however chosen to remain in or near their damaged homes to protect their belongings.

Over the weekend, heavy rain is forecast for the Northeast, the Central Plains the East and the South.

Source: TNA, NNT

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