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Newborn Baby Girls Abandoned on Roadside in Northeastern Thailand

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Police in northeastern Thailand are searching for a woman who abandoned her newborn baby girl in Udon Thani’s Mumon subdistrict. At noon on Tuesday, Udon Thani officers were alerted to a newborn baby left at the side of the road.

When they arrived at the scene, they were met by Watchara Jaruchai, 27, a local of Amnat Charoen province, who said she found the baby while driving back to her residence from Samrong Yutthawas Temple, where she had made merit.

Newborn Baby Abandoned on Roadside in Northeastern Thailand

“I found the newborn baby girl lying on the side of the road with no clothes. Her body was all red from sunburn and had insect bites all over,” she said. “I picked her up, covered her with my jacket and drove to Udon Thani Hospital as she was not moving but was breathing.”

Police contacted the hospital and were informed that the baby was stable. According to one of the nurses, the infant was born just about 4 hours before she was abandoned. She suffered from dehydration, dry skin and insect bites.

According to Asia One Watchara reportedly named the baby “Wanmai”, or new day.

“The umbilical cord was cut rather cleanly so the mother might have had someone who knew about child birth,” the police said.

“We will search surrounding areas to identify the mother and ask nearby hospitals if they have any clues,” the police added.

American Finds Abandoned New Born Baby in Northern Thailand

American Finds Abandoned New Born Baby in Northern Thailand 1

In May of this year, an American expat in northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai city has found a new born baby girl abandoned on the roadside under a tree. American Eric Ransdell alerted friends who called the police and rescue workers.

Upon arrival police and rescue workers found the new born baby girl still attached to her umbilical cord. The new born girl was good health and wrapped up in a blanket and placed under a shady tree.

According to Eric Ransdell, he was walking home to his condo when he saw the arm of the infant sticking out of the blanket. He told police that when he first saw the baby he feared it was dead.

He immediately checked the infant for a pulse then called his Thai friends for help.

Chiang Mai Police are also examining CCTV footage in the area to find the baby girls mother. According to Thai media the baby girl is under care at Nakornping Hospital, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Thai society has historically had a problem with baby abandonment. Abandonment stems from many problems, including unwanted pregnancies, family problems and more. Mothers who abandon a child do have other options.

There are governments and private sponsored faculties for children who need care. However, many parents do not avail themselves of these services and the children end up abandoned.

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