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Monk Caught Exposing Himself in Public in Front of Chiang Mai Temple



Monk Caught Exposing Himself in Public in Front of Chiang Mai Temple

Thai social media came to life this week after photos of a half-robed monk masturbating was shared across Facebook this weekend. The image was taken in Chiang Mai, according to the man who took the photo. The photo showed a man between the ages of 30-40 wearing a saffron robe with what appears to be his penis in his hands.

The person who took the photograph said that they were so shocked to see this masturbating monk standing by Chedi Mae Krua temple in Chiang Mai. He said that he had to drive around again to make sure, and take photos.

The photographer told police that upon circling around and still seeing the man apparently masturbating, he scolded the monk before he immediately walked back into the temple. It was around 1.30am in the morning when the incident happened, CityNews reported.

The abbot of the temple in Chiang Mai has since come out to say that the man in the photo was indeed a monk. The monk allegedly goes by the name Jane, 35, and has shown signs of being of a third gender. The abbot didn’t elaborate on his third gender comments .

However, the abbot insisted that prior to this incident there had been no inappropriate behaviour seen before. Furthermore that Jane was a very hard working and diligent member of the temple. Jane has even being tasked with caring for many administrative duties. He said that he was shocked and need thought that he would see him behave this way.

The abbot went on to say that Jane had left the temple suddenly following the exposure indecent.  The Abbot said that the temple would not take him back but whether he was defrocked or would suffer from other consequences will have to be determined following an investigation.

Abbot Solicits Sex From a 12 Year-old Girl

An abbot in northeastern Thailand has been defrocked and then arrested after trying to solicit sex from a 12 year-old girl. Udon Thani police said a mother filed a complaint alleging that the abbot had invited her 12-year-old daughter to have sex with him.

In his room at the temple, police reportedly found two mobile phones and a tablet containing a video clip of himself masturbating. The clip matched the one the mother claimed the Abbot sent to her daughter. Along with the text “Answer me if you want easy money”.

The child mother told police that when she found the video clip with the invitation on her daughter’s phone, she replied asking what he wanted.

“The sender said he would offer Bt2,000 in exchange for sex with him. I searched his name and found that he was the abbot at this temple so I notified the police,” she said. “My daughter said her friends who are in Prathom 6 also received similar invitations from the suspect.”

A preliminary investigation revealed the Abbot is a Khon Kaen local and has been a monk for 23 years. He moved to the temple in Udon Thani’s Ban Pheu district 11 years ago. He was elected abbot as the temple that has only three resident monks.

The Abbot reportedly admitted that he texted the invitation and sent the masturbation video to more than 20 children. They were both male and female, aged around 11-13 years that he befriended on Facebook.

The defrocked Abbot was forced to leave monkhood and was taken to the police station. He was charged with publicizing pornographic material and attempting to have sexual intercourse with minors.

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