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Thai Health Department Intensifies Covid-19 Measures in North

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The Thai Health department, authorities and business have stepped up disease control in the north amid concerns of the coronavirus.

In Chiang Mai, doctors, nurses and the Border Patrol Police Region 3 shared knowledge about the coronavirus with local police commanders. Also police officers from 38 stations in the northern province.

The health department personnel also advised the officers on proper habits to cope with the disease outbreak. They also handed out hand sanitizer gel produced by the wives of Chiang Mai police.

The hand wash gel will be placed for use by visitors to local police stations. So far local police officers have not tested positive for the disease.

Temperature monitoring at Shopping Mall

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In Chiang Rai province, health officials checked the body temperatures of local administrative officials including; village headmen; and their assistants; and also sub-districts of Chiang Rai district for the sake of disease surveillance.

The Central Plaza shopping mall in Chiang Rai has also started monitoring shoppers entering the Mall. Central Plaza has set up body temperature monitoring stations at all entrances. The shoppers are being screened prior to being allowed into the shopping mall. Shoppers are also being encouraged to use hand sanitizer which has been placed at locations throughout the mall.

Health department steps up Airports screening

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Chiang Rai health department officials have also stepped up screening at Chiang Rai’s Mae Fah Luang International airport. Travellers entering the terminal are also having their temperatures monitored. Airport health officials have also placed hand sanitizer throughout the airport for travellers.

Disinfecting agents have also been sprayed to kill off any germs and viruses within Mae Fah Luang Airport.

Meanwhile, Hat Yai airport in Songkhla province, officials were checking the body temperatures of all departing passengers. Those having fevers will undergo an established process of disease control in a bid to the coronavirus. Air passengers were advised to arrive at the airport a few hours before their boarding time to pass the illness screening process first.

Health department officials reported that most travellers are wearing face masks. Officials were also regularly cleaning the passenger terminal and prepared hand sanitizer gel for travellers.

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