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Northern Thailand

Fire Breaks Out on Hollywood Movie Set “The Coup” in Lampang



Owen Wilson,Pierce Brosnan filming “The Coup”  in Lampang fire on Set


LAMPANG –  Police Officials in Lampang have launched an investigation into a fire that broke out at the set of a Hollywood film ‘The Coup’ in the northern province.

Police said the fire reportedly started on Wednesday night at a three-storey building which is the location of the thriller film starring Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnan. Despite damages, no one was harmed by the blaze.

The set of the film, which is located inside the building and was scheduled to be shot during November 20-22, was torched after a scene using special effects. However, according to the film crew, the special effects did not involve any fire.

After the accident, the crew has confirmed that the set will remain in Lampang and only a new building will be needed. The shooting schedule will also be unaffected.

The film is about an American family living in Southeast Asia that gets caught in the middle of a coup.

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