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Elderly Woman Almost “Cremated Alive” in Northeastern Thailand

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A 70 year old grandmother in northeastern Thailand has “come back to life” as her family were in the final preparations of cremating her.

According to the Thai Rath, 70 year-old Phinit Sophajorn, is now back home in Ban Chiang, Nong Han district of Udon Thani Province.

Her husband Thawin, 73, noticed she was breathing while he was doing a face washing ritual. Moments before the coffin was to be nailed closed at the temple.

The drama began after Phinit was allowed home from Soon Udon Thani hospital on Sunday. Relatives thought she had died later that day.

Thawin explained that his wife had suffered from goiter problems since she was in her 50s.

She was placed in a cooling coffin attached to a plug and kept her in wait for three days. Then the plug was disconnected and the body was taken to the temple.

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She was transferred to Wat Amphawan for her final journey to the next life. Everyone had washed her face according to custom and her husband was the last in line. Then he noticed “she was still alive.”

Thawin said that if his wife recovers enough to communicate and sit up it will be a blessing indeed.

Thousands were sharing the story on Thai social media. Her coffin and other items were burnt to assuage bad luck.


Grandmother Comes Back to Life Moments before Cremation

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