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Northern Thailand

Doctors in Northern Thailand Warn Parents after 13 Year- Old Boy Collapses from Extended Gaming



NAN – Physicians have issued a warning to parents and guardians to keep their children from prolonged use of video games and digital media after a child was admitted to Hospital in the Northern Province of Nan after collapsing from extended video game playing.

The 13 year old boy was taken to Nan Hospital by his parents in a state of unresponsive shock, trembling at the mouth and limbs and with his extremities cold to the touch. His parents admitted that, while they were away during the day, they would often allow him to play video games and that he would often watch YouTube late into the night.


In the week preceding his condition he had been playing online video games for extended periods.

Doctors confirmed that he was suffering from extreme fatigue and treated him with electrolytes and minerals. He has begun to recover.

Deputy Director of Nan Hospital, Dr. Pongthep Wongwacharapaibul , has reminded other parents to limit their children’s time watching television, playing video games and using their smart phones to under two hours a day and not exposing children under two years of age to such media at all.

He warned overexposure could impact their child’s health as well as development, pointing out the possibility of brain damage.

By Itiporn Lakarnchua

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