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Chinese Woman Who Died in Chiang Mai on a Whiskey Binge



Whiskey Binge

Thai health officials in northern Thailand have confirmed a Chinese woman who died in Chiang Mai didn’t die of the coronavirus. Bus she may have drank herself to death. Thai health officials said laboratory results found no traces of the virus in her blood.

Thai health said the woman had travelled from China’s Guanzhou to Chiang Mai province on Jan 28. She had no fever or other illnesses, said Dr Jatuchai.

She did however drink excessively on that night and may have died from alcohol poisoning.

The result of death have been revealed by Thai media after a resort employee stated that he saw the woman drink 5 bottles of whiskey with friends. The employee saw them drinking without mixing the whiskey with any mixers.

The group started drinking whiskey soon after she checked in but they didn’t start drinking heavily until about 10.00 pm.

According to the employee the group continued drinking whiskey throughout the night. The Chinese woman was found dead at 6 am. Her friends went to her room to discovered she had passed away on her bed.

The employee thinks the Chinese woman died from alcohol poisoning because she drank so much Whiskey. And also that her death had nothing to do with the Coronavirus as feared by the public.

Hopefully, this is good news to Chiang Mai Residents, concern were high after news came out that a Chinese tourist mysteriously passed away.

Source: Thai Residents


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