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Northern Thailand

5 Injured after Pickup Truck Driver Falls Asleep at Wheel, Slams into Car

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Five people in a passenger car were injured after the driver of a pickup fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into them on old San Kampaeng Road in northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai province on Thursday.

The heavy collision trapped the passengers in the car. Rescuers had to use equipment to free them just as the vehicle caught fire. Another group of rescuers quickly succeeded in extinguishing the flames, preventing further casualties.

The five injured people were taken to hospital. The accident also created a traffic jam. Pickup driver Jetsada Norakaipan, 29, admitted to falling asleep and causing the accident.

The police are investigating to find out exactly how the crash occurred. San Kamphaeng police station in Chiang Mai is holding the vehicles until the injured retrieve them

Meanwhile, People are being warned about a gang which has been operating along the Chiang Mai-Mae Rim-Mae Taeng Road. Two vehicles are used by the gang. One of which will squeeze the victim’s vehicle forcing it into the other gang member’s vehicle. The gang driver will then aggressively demand money for damage.

One victim, out of many reported, managed to take photographs of one of the gang members who got violent and attacked the victim when they refused to pay. Should this occur, please immediately contact the police.

Pickup Driver Killed after Crashing into Freight Truck

A pickup driver was killed when a pickup truck crashed into a freight truck early onin Nakhon Ratchasima province of northeastern Thailand. At around 4 am, medical emergency officials were called after the fatal accident.

When police and a local rescue team arrived at the scene, they found a black pickup, with its front end severely damaged. The driver, Thanapat Vichitsanoi, 50, suffered severe injuries and was found dead in his vehicle.

His body was sent for autopsy to Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital.

The driver of the trailer truck, Rattanakorn Nansuwan, 34, said that the pick-up had crashed into his trailer when he was making a U-turn.



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