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Anti-Trafficking Organisation Trafcord Awarded 77,000 Euro’s From Germany

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CHIANG MAI – Northern Thailand’s non-profit Anti-Trafficking Organisation Trafcord was awarded 77,000 euro (approximately Bt2.4 million) from the German Government to support their fight against human trafficking.

The German Parliament and the Human Rights Committee, Frank Heinrich and Jürgen Klimke, awarded the cheque to Trafcord on April 13 in Chiang Mai.

The project is built upon five pillars: prevention, protection, prosecution, partnership and policy. Providing knowledge and information on human trafficking and children rights aims to prevent target groups from falling victim to brokers. Raising awareness for this subject is part of the key strategy. Including provide the assistance to victim of human trafficking according to victim protection process.

The Anti-Trafficking Coordination Unit Northern Thailand (Trafcord) was founded in 2002 in order to prevent and combat human trafficking in Northern Thailand and the adjoining countries Laos and Myanmar. In terms of protection, it investigates reports of human trafficking, rescues victims with the help of governmental agencies and encourages their recovery.

It also sup-ports abused and exploited children by arranging workshops and music therapy, trying to aid their way back to a normal life. Lastly, it pursues prosecution of trafficking agents, which includes gathering evidence and legal counselling. Moreover the NGO seeks to strengthen partnerships with Thai government agencies and other NGOs in order to build an effective network against human trafficking.
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