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Zoo’s Asian Tiger Shot and Killed While Biting Man’s Arm



Zoo Tiger Shot and Killed While Biting Man’s Arm

An officer opened fire after an Asian tiger grabbed the man’s arm at the Florida zoo, causing him to scream and plead for help. Authorities released video footage of the incident.

A man at Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens was seriously injured Wednesday evening when he entered an area that was not authorized. The 8-year-old Asian tiger named Eko died shortly after being shot by police.

According to the sheriff’s office and the zoo, the man worked for a third-party cleaning company hired to clean restrooms and the gift shop. The man’s condition was unknown as of Friday.

The sheriff’s office released a body camera video Thursday showing the tiger’s jaw wrapped around the man’s arm between his elbow and hand.

The man pleaded for help during an almost 9-minute call with a dispatcher from the sheriff’s office. During the call, the dispatcher mistook the man’s screams for a woman’s and called him ma’am.

Video captured the man bracing his body against the enclosure, his leg in the air and his shoulder in the dirt.

Tiger fatally shot after biting arm of man near enclosure

Tiger fatally shot after biting the arm of a man near the enclosure

A statement from the zoo said River Rosenquist, 26, jumped a public barrier fence into an unauthorized area in front of the Asian tiger habitat. This was after the zoo closed Wednesday to the public.

“It is believed he was trying to feed or pet the tiger through the fence of the tiger habitat, which allowed the tiger to reach him and pull his arm inside,” the statement said, adding that a deputy rushed to the scene.

“After initially trying to get the tiger to release the arm, the deputy had no choice but to shoot the tiger to save the young man’s life. According to the statement, the veterinarian at Naples Zoo confirmed that the tiger was dead.

The sheriff’s office reports that the Asian tiger had retreated back into its enclosure after the shooting.

Investigators have not yet determined whether Rosenquist will face criminal charges.

Youtube Viewers Also Angry Over Asian Tigers Death and Mans Stupidity

After the video’s release on YouTube viewers were angry and upset that the Tiger was killed due to Rosenquist’s stupidity.

“This happens much too often where careless or ignorant people put innocent animals in peril. And they are innocent. They’re only doing what nature designed them to do”.

“That man should get jail time Seriously! The Tiger was truly the victim here.. that man clearly created this problem which resulted in the Tiger’s death. Shame on him!!”

“Wasn’t the tiger’s fault it’s a predator, what did the guy think was gonna happen. ABOVE ALL, JUSTICE FOR THE TIGER JUSTICE FOR THE TIGER!!!”

“Terrible. It’s truly unbelievable how many stupid people exist in this world! People that ends up either getting themselves killed or somebody else because of their stupid decisions. Eko (RIP) will become the next Harambe.”

According to Malaysian Wildlife, the Malayan tiger is also one of the smallest species of tiger found on the southern and central Malay Peninsula, as well as the southern parts of Thailand. It is the national symbol of Malaysia.

One zookeeper at the Palm Beach Zoo was also killed by a Malayan tiger in 2016. When Stacey Konwiser, 38, was attacked by a 12-year-old tiger named Hati. She sustained fractured vertebrae, lacerations to her neck and a fractured jugular.

Source: The Associated Press

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