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Woman Loses Eye Sight After AstraZeneca Vaccine Jab

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As a result of her first shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine, a photographer in Thailand lost vision in her left eye. Because of this, she will be rewarded with a compensation payment from Thailand’s National Health Security Office (NHSO).

Dr Jadet Thammathat-aree, general secretary of the NHSO, said the photographer, 37, had appealed against an initial decision by a compensation committee to award her only 30,000 baht damages.

After receiving the AstraZenic Covid-19 vaccine on Aug 18, the complainant began experiencing pain in both eyes on Aug 28.

Dr Jadet said that on Sept 10, she experienced extremely foggy vision in both eyes and sought immediate treatment at a hospital.  After an MRI scan revealed nothing abnormal, doctors concluded that the condition was caused by inflammation of the optic nerve and prescribed steroid treatment for three days.

However, the woman has now lost vision in her left eye, while her right eye is blurred, according to the findings of the NHSO’s appeal committee.

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“Based on the information, the committee determined the loss of vision was caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine, which meets the criteria for compensation under the NHSO for people who suffer adverse effects after receiving Covid-19 vaccines,” he said.

Due to the loss of vision, the injured party’s way of life has been affected. Therefore, the committee decided to compensate her with 240,000 baht, the maximum amount for loss of organs or disabilities.

The NHSO’s subcommittee has already paid Dr Jadet 30,000 baht, but within five days she will receive another 210,000 baht, which will be transferred to her account.

According to Dr Jadet, the NHSO has not been complacent about how it handles people who experience unpleasant reactions to Covid-19 vaccines. It is ready to provide assistance. People who disagree with initial decisions can appeal, he explained.

The NHSO reviews earlier decisions after receiving appeals in order to ensure damaged parties receive the proper compensation payments they deserve as soon as possible. Here, the NHSO apologizes to the party affected.

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