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Woman Finds Giant 3 Meter Long King Cobra in Her Bed



Thailand, Woman Finds Giant Long King Cobra in Her Bed

A 55-year-old woman in southeastern Thailand got the shock of her life after finding a 3 meter long King Cobra hiding in her bed. Ms. Janhom Bamrungchai 55 called emergency services saying the King Cobra slithered into her house and was on her bed.

When wildlife officials arrived at her home and Ms. Janhom was waiting outside, still shocked by the recent discovery. The wildlife rescue team went into her bedroom and found the king cobra under her pillow.

The rescue team then slowly grabbed the cobra’s head and pulled it off the bed. The rescue workers said the king cobra was still calm and captured it before it had a chance to attack them.

The snake measured out at 3 meters long and was in healthy condition.

One of the rescue workers placed the cobra down before it slithered into a plastic box. This is a natural instinct, the snake feels safer in a small, dark, space, the rescue worker said. Rescue workers said they would hold the snake for a while before being released back into the wild, far away from people.

Woman Finds Giant Long King Cobra in Her Bed

King Cobra could have killed her

Ms. Janhom told Thai media that she was walking to the bathroom when a giant snake entered her home and slithered into her bedroom. She noticed it was hiding under her pillow.

Thankfully Ms. Janhom was walking to the bathroom and spotted the giant snake. She was about to shut off the lights and go to bed.

A worker from the wildlife rescue team said locals can expect to see more snakes as it is breeding season. The breeding season usually takes place from the end of the rainy season to the beginning of the cold season in Thailand.

He said people should clean their homes regularly as snakes like cluttered areas. If a snake is spotted, do not attempt to catch or remove the snake by yourself. Always notify wildlife officials as the snake may be venomous.

In this case, if Janhom had gone to bed as usual it could have ended her life.

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