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What the Bedroom Would Look Like with Graffiti Art



What the Bedroom Would Look Like with Graffiti Art

I think many of us got into trouble as children for adding a little “graffiti art” to our bedroom walls, but now that we are all adults, and can decorate our bedrooms however we please… is there a place for graffiti art on the walls? When I first began researching this topic, I thought – surely this is one for the bachelor pads – no women are going to go for this, are they? Turns out, that was spectacularly shortsighted of me!

The different types of art which come under the “graffiti” umbrella today are numerous and diverse, and you don’t have to just paint the walls either – I found all kinds of amazing graffiti-inspired pieces of bedroom furniture, and a whole bundle of huge-format stickers that could be used to create more feminine “sticker bomb” type feature walls to mind-bending tunnels that could see you get lost in your own bedroom one day.

So, can graffiti artwork be in the bedroom?

You bet! I’m going to share a few examples with you about bedroom furniture in a moment or two, but I think this Is a trend that has really picked up steam recently – the earliest examples I could find were children’s bedrooms sporting their favourite Anime characters that had been lovingly painted onto their walls (note to the parents of those children: you’re awesome) but things have definitely expanded in a more adult direction as far as Google’s image index is concerned. Go look if you don’t believe me!

Oh, just before you do, check out these cool examples – you won’t be sorry!

Girls Bedroom – Age 10-15, Perhaps?

Graffiti wall covering for the modern teen girls' bedroom
Bedroom Design: Studio Vyhodec

Who can honestly say their younger sister wouldn’t have loved this around the ages of 10-15? It’s all been done to such amazing specifications too, which does hint at the fact this was a professionally designed room – I have credited the studio I found producing this shot above, credit where it is due.

The girl herself looks like a perfect representation of the character in question, but the building in the background, the subtle shading around objects, and even the tree on the right-hand wall all give a distinct Eastern flavour – this is a popular style in those countries, with rose petals often found “blowing in” from a nearby window. Add in the multi-coloured drawers, and the other fantastically contrasting elements and you have what I believe is pretty much the perfect bedroom for a modern young teenage girl.

Cool, Eclectic, Hip and Trendy – Just for the men? I think not!

Bedroom offers a cool and eclectic look thanks to the graffiti wall
Photography Credit: Shouldice Media

This picture made me think to myself – the bedroom is THE place for graffiti art! Looking like something you might expect graffiti artist Eduardo Kobra to paint, you wouldn’t dare add something like this to your living room or kitchen (although maybe the bathroom could have some cool options… one to think about later) but apparently, seven out of ten women surveyed (unfortunately, demographics were not given alongside that number) said they would absolutely adore this as their bedroom.

Every Man’s Perfect Secret Bedroom Basement

Bright and colorful graffiti in the chic contemporary basement

I’ll bet this one belonged to a younger male, although it is possible it is more of a man cave than an actual bedroom – we’ve definitely got beds on display here though, alongside other artworks, a pool table, a couch to sit on, and if there isn’t the biggest TV you’ve ever seen or a short-throw projector hidden in that room somewhere, a crime has been committed.

So, if there’s little space left for a widescreen UHD TV on the wall, you can always think of installing a compact portable projector from a leading brand like “Piqo”, which manufactures the world’s smallest high-definition travel-friendly projector that easily fits inside your pocket and is 100% compatible with almost all Bluetooth, wireless & wired devices and Android entertainment Apps, available on Google Play Store.

Even if this room doesn’t get used as a day-to-day bedroom, it certainly demonstrates how graffiti can be used in rooms like the bedroom very well, adding huge amounts of colour to otherwise massive open walls is so much more interesting, and the possibilities are endless.

Best Not Leave any Room for Ambiguity This Time

Now I’m not saying there are no women out there who won’t love a good graffiti-style skull painted on the wall next to their bed – we’re all about equal opportunities here folks. What I will say for sure though, is that this is most definitely a bedroom, and its owner 99.9% absolutely loves it. Who wouldn’t? Beautiful contrast all around, great dark wooden furniture, and oh … that lack of clutter. Transform your bedroom interior design with graffiti artwork by incorporating imagery that holds significance to you. Whether it’s motivational quotes, symbols, or abstract designs, adding a personal touch enhances the emotional connection to the artwork. [dark wooden furniture, and oh.

So, just three examples – are you convinced? Is the bedroom the right place for graffiti art? Whilst you ponder that, I’m off to have a little look into that bathroom idea I thought of earlier…

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