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What Does The + And – Mean in Sports Betting?



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The entire sports betting procedure is set in motion by these two symbols. If a team or individual is considered a favorite, the odds will be higher, but if they are not, the odds will be lower.

This can be a bit confusing, especially for beginners. It is important to know that most popular sportsbooks in the U.S. use these symbols so knowing everything about them is a must. As time passes, you will get familiar with everything, and until then you can use this article as a reference.

How do Odds Work?

Favorites are always (-)

When you find a (-) in front of their betting lines, it signifies a favorite in the betting market. Some games have both teams listed as (-) favorites, which suggests that sportsbooks don’t know which club is the obvious favorite in that particular encounter.

In light of this, how should I proceed with the wager I just placed?

By now, you’re undoubtedly curious as to how much money it means to bet on the underdog in a certain matchup when the (-) sign is displayed. It’s not surprising that most sports bettors are in the business to make money, so this is their primary concern.

What this means is that the number listed after the (-) is the amount of money that must be wagered to win $100. However, this does not imply that you must wager that amount, but it is the simplest way to understand the situation.

What does -200 in betting mean? – Example

Now that we’ve learned the meaning of the (-) sign, we can see that a team with odds of (-200) requires a $200 bet to win $100. Yes, it is quite simple!

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Underdogs Get the (+) in

As a result, the underdogs in a given matchup receive the (+) instead of the (-). The (-) sign can also be given to some underdogs, but it complicates matters further and we aren’t there yet.

For the third time, I assume that you’re eager to learn what this means for your personal financial situation. However, you must be certain that your underdog pick will win the event before placing your bets on this method of gambling.

What does it mean to have odds of +200 mean? – Example

Using a $100 bet, the number behind the (+) sign indicates how much money you’ll walk away with. If you wager $100 on a team with odds of +200, you stand to win $200.

Increased winnings can be achieved with higher numbers stated following a (+) sign. Be aware, however, that the lower the number, the less likely it is that a team or individual will win the game or event in question.

Odds may change instantaneously

Additionally, keep in mind that these changes might alter quickly and frequently when comparing them to the plus and negative. The odds are continually changing, so you need to keep up with your own research when betting on sports like NBA, NFL, etc.

A matchup’s odds seldom change completely, and the pluses and minuses are almost always assigned to the same team or player. As soon as the team signs start to switch, you know that things have changed radically in the odds.

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More Tips

Look for value in the underdogs while evaluating betting matchups and focusing on favorites and underdogs by visiting Australian open bet. There’s no need to continually gamble on underdogs, but rather look for the finest chances to strike and win some money.

While betting on the underdog can be a smart move in some situations, it isn’t always the best course of action. Prior to placing a wager, you should look for value on an underdog. It’s also possible to get better odds by shopping around at multiple bookmakers. It’s a lot of work to gamble on sports.

On average, sportsbooks do better than other businesses. For a reason, the majority of sports gamblers come up empty-handed. Because the odds are stacked in their favor, this is a major factor. When you place a sports bet, the bookmakers have a significant advantage over you in terms of the odds.

When I provide my daily recommendations, I usually include a few underdogs, and I look for methods to make these predictions more valuable on betting sites without Swedish license.

However, just because a team is labeled as “underdog” doesn’t indicate that the oddsmakers expect them to win the game. Both teams can have the (-) next to their names in a certain matchup, although sportsbooks are more likely to label one team as the favorite in that particular game.

In another portion of my “How to Bet on Sports” betting guide, I go into further detail about how to understand betting odds, but for now, I’ll just touch on it briefly. When looking at odds, it’s easy to identify the favorite, but not all favorites are created equal.

Also, keep in mind that a team’s (-) number will tell you precisely how much of a favorite they are in a given matchup. A team’s odds of winning a match increases in direct proportion to how far it is from 100.

With a number close to $100, you have a better chance of winning than a large favorite of winning. However, sportsbooks may see this clash as a toss-up, so betting on the underdog might be the best option.

Promotion checking

When sportsbooks give enhanced odds or promotions, customers benefit from these promos, but some sports bettors can get tripped up by the plus and minus figures.

Sportsbooks frequently give significant promotions on teams that open as favorites, causing the minus sign to be changed to a plus sign for betting purposes. It’s vital to check out the promotional details to see when this is happening.

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