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Weather Emergency Declared In Auckland, Wayne Brown Defends Timing; Body Found On North Shore,



Weather Emergency Declared In Auckland, Wayne Brown Defends Timing; Body Found On North Shore,

(CTN News) Mayor Wayne Brown has defended declaring a state of emergency in Auckland and says he couldn’t have acted sooner. A bucket was not his role.

During the night, Prime Minister Chris Hipkins stood up in the Beehive Bunker. Hipkins will hold a press conference soon.

The Civil Defense Center at North Shore Events Center and Manu Takutaku, 32 Riverton Drive, Randwick Park, have both opened for those displaced. Kelston’s Saint Leonard’s Road School opened a centre earlier today.

There will be no international or domestic flights before noon Saturday, according to Auckland Airport.

A spokeswoman for Auckland Airport said the international terminal and its check-in and arrivals areas continue to suffer from widespread flooding.

Nearly 10pm, torrential rain and flooding caused a state of emergency. The body was found in floodwaters, Brown confirmed after 11pm.

At around 7.25pm, police were alerted to a body nearby Target Rd in Wairau Valley. A culvert was found with the body.

Brown expressed sympathy for the family. The speed of his declaration was defended.

As some have speculated, I could have acted sooner. It’s a formal process not to be taken lightly,” he said.

A consequence follows the declaration.

I have listened to professionals. Reports from professionals. As soon as I was given the call to make that decision, I acted immediately.”

He’s confident he did the right things at the right time at Auckland’s first big event.

It is traumatic and difficult for everyone to witness these events.

The buckets aren’t my job. The purpose is to make sure the center is well organized and that we are taking the appropriate steps at the right time, not rushing into them.”

The effects of this will last for some time.” This weather event was “as intense as anything we’ve ever seen, but it covered a broader area”.

It’s critical to assess carefully, take careful steps, and not rush.” I’ve experienced one or two in the past.

Fire and Emergency reported 1500 calls. In daylight, Brown will visit affected communities. It will be a major job. I’ll take expert advice.”

The state of emergency allows emergency services and response agencies to utilize resources, and enact additional powers, to assist Aucklanders affected by the severe weather event this evening.

Inundation and slips have been reported in the region due to flooding. The storm has overwhelmed infrastructure and emergency services. It takes effect immediately and expires in seven days,” he said.

A Civil Defense center has opened at St Leonards Road School in Kelston for people who have evacuated their homes.

Those who have been evacuated from their homes have access to this evacuation center, Sepuloni said.

Go to a friend’s or relative’s house if you can.

Weather has affected a lot of whanau out there, she said.

Power will be shut down in flood-hit areas in Auckland by Vector.

We will not be able to safely reach some of the outages in the Swanson area until the flooding has subsided, hopefully by morning. Everyone should take extreme caution, avoid floodwaters, and keep well clear of fallen power lines and damaged electrical equipment.

Brown is under pressure

Prior to declaring a state of emergency, Brown was under increasing pressure. Luxon urged the mayor to call.

He tweeted that there was a need for evacuation centers after Auckland midnight. It would provide “the tools we need to respond,” he said.

Jo Bartley urged Brown on social media to declare an emergency. You can see the chaos online. We’re ready. She tweeted, “Declare an emergency.”

Regional emergency controller Andrew Clark expects the severe weather to last until tomorrow morning. Reports indicate that flooding has occurred in some areas after a summer’s worth of rainfall in just a few hours.”


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