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Understanding the Full Range of Insurance Products in Thailand

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Many insurance companies offer a full range of insurance products in Thailand. This is good news for expats as it is unnecessary to insure yourself and your family in your home country before relocating to Thailand for work opportunities.

These products include life, health, accident and car insurance for every member of your family. Getting insured in Thailand will also be beneficial because in your home country you may be forced to pay higher rates than you would in Thailand. Thailand is one of the least expensive countries in the world to obtain high-quality insurance policies of all types.

Medical Care in Thailand

Thailand also offers a sophisticated network of medical care that makes getting insured in the country a smart choice. Thailand has developed a reputation for offering the latest in medical care by qualified doctors and trained medical staff. The country is often the first choice for medical tourism, where people fly in to have an elective medical procedure performed.

By becoming insured in Thailand, your Thailand-based insurance company is likely to have joined a network of hospitals and healthcare providers. They’ll provide you with several excellent choices in healthcare, while still offering lower prices than you would be forced to pay in your home country.

The insurer in Thailand can work directly with the hospitals and healthcare providers in their network and take care of payments quickly and easily. They can also quickly approve hospitals that are out of their network in case of an emergency. There is no need for you to play the middleman in communications between your overseas insurer and a local medical facility.

Car Insurance in Thailand

Insurance products in Thailand also include car insurance. Car insurance is an excellent value in Thailand. Car insurers are much more hands-on in Thailand than you’ll find in many other countries.

A representative of the insurance company is often called to the scene of an accident to negotiate with the other driver settlements. This saves the expats who often can’t speak the Thai language very well from having to try and negotiate with the other driver during a period of stress.

The insurance company in Thailand also has a network of auto repair shops in your vicinity that they can recommend to have your car repaired by knowledgeable mechanics.

Car insurance in Thailand is offered in three categories that range from covering only liability all the way to total coverage, which includes liability, medical, and property damage. The prices differences between these three ranges of insurance are so small that full coverage is easily affordable.

Once you’ve relocated to Thailand and shopped around, you’ll wonder why you ever considered insuring yourself and your family in your home country. The insurance products in Thailand are of high quality and comprehensive. They offer low rates and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your insurance company is not halfway around the world. Enjoy the comfort of an insurer who is there for your support.


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