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German Tourist Flees Hospital Isolation After Monkeypox Test

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German Tourist Flees Hospital Isolation After Monkeypox Test

On Saturday, a German tourist was detained by police after he fled the hospital isolation unit after being tested for monkeypox. He is suspected of being Thailand’s fifth monkeypox case, health authorities in Trat province said.

The German tourist who was staying on the island of Koh Chang in Trat Province was apprehended after the hospital alerted the police.

On Friday, he visited a private hospital in Trang with symptoms similar to those of monkeypox; he had rashes on his genitals and hands and was placed in an isolation unit.

Dr. Winai Banchongkan, director of Trat Hospital, said the man refused the mandatory test and ran away, prompting the private hospital to call in the police to detain him.

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He was charged with violating Thailand’s communicable disease control law.

The doctor said King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital in Bangkok is currently testing a sample of the man’s blood for the virus.

Dr. Surachai Chiamkun, Trat’s deputy provincial health chief, said the only thing that local disease control authorities know is that he travelled from France to Thailand.

When he arrived in the Kingdom was unclear to Trat health authorities.

On Friday, Thailand recorded its fourth official case of Monkeypox after a Thai woman tested positive in Bangkok after being in close contact with several foreign friends.

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