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Tourist Complain Over the Shortage of Taxi Cabs at Suvarnabhumi Airport



Taxi Cab Bangkok airport

Travellers arriving at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport are complaining over the long lines and wait times for taxi cabs as airport official report a significant rise in flight arrivals.

In order elevate the long lines for taxi cabs airport officials have requested more taxis to register as official airport transportation to alleviate a scarcity and the complaints about long queues at the airport’s taxi queue.

Since the beginning of October, many tourists arriving at Suvarnabhumi airport have posted photos of the enormous lines at the airport’s taxi stands.

The criticisms, however, reached a climax on Friday, at the start of the King Chulalongkorn Memorial Day long weekend, raising concerns that Bangkok’s primary international gateway isn’t prepared to welcome big numbers of travellers.

Tourist Complain Over Shortage of Taxi Cabs at Suvarnabhumi Airport

In response to the concerns, Suvarnabhumi airport authorities issued a statement claiming that the long waits were caused by an unexpected rush of out-of-town guests arriving at Suvarnabhumi airport to celebrate the long weekend in Bangkok.

They said that there just weren’t enough automobiles to serve all incoming customers because only taxis registered with the airport could pick up passengers from Suvarnabhumi’s taxi cab stands.

Furthermore, they stated that not all taxis authorized to pick up passengers at Suvarnabhumi airport were on standby at the stands and that many drivers are choosing to pick up passengers elsewhere because demand for trips from the airport has yet to return to pre-pandemic levels.

As a result, airport management is urging more public taxi drivers to register with authorities in order to make up the difference.

The airport said in a statement that it would mobilize more workers to direct taxis to the airport.

It also recommended arriving passengers use alternative modes of transportation, such as the Airport Rail Link train, which connects to the BTS SkyTrain and MRT network.

Suvarnabhumi airport also has limousines, vans, and public buses, according to the statement. Inquiries about airport services should be directed to the AOT contact centre at 1722.

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A Rise in Tourists Needing Taxi Cabs

During the two long vacation periods this month, more than 3.1 million tourists are scheduled to visit Thailand, generating more than 12 billion baht.

The four-day vacation began last Thursday, the anniversary of the passing of the late His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, with both Thai and foreign tourists going to major tourist attractions.

The other holiday period, October 22-24, is also likely to draw a big number of visitors. The 24th of October is a holiday in place of King Chulalongkorn Day, which falls on the 23rd.

Tourism is projected to rebound throughout the two months, according to the (TAT) Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Furthermore, the rainy season is coming to an end, and the cool season, which is the prime season for tourism, will begin next month, she added, adding that the TAT is also launching tourism promotional activities in the North and Northeast.

TAT estimates that 3,161,134 tourists will visit this month, producing more than 12.9 billion baht.

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TAT’s office director in Phuket, Nanthasiri Ronnasiri, stated that the four-day holiday, which began on Thursday, is expected to generate more over 2 billion baht in income from visitor spending in the island province.

From October 13 to 16, there will be 24,370 international passengers on 137 flights from 29 airlines coming in Phuket, as well as 28,038 domestic passengers on 217 flights operated by seven domestic carriers.

It’s anticipated that hotel room occupancy will be 39.16% throughout the four-day holiday period. The average room stay per person was predicted to be 2.3 nights.

According to TAT, around 152,691 guests are expected in Phuket over the period, producing approximately 2.19 billion baht.

The Thanyabura Trail Run 2022 event will be held tomorrow during this time, she said.

According to Nanthawan Siriphokphat, director of the TAT’s Surat Thani office, 51,488 tourists are expected in southern Thailand.

There will be 20,647 domestic guests and the rest will be overseas visitors.

She predicted that hotel room occupancy will be 46.42% during the four-day vacation period, producing 676 million baht in income.

Thai tourists are predicted to spend 2,788 baht on average, while foreign visitors will spend 4,295 baht.

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The Chak Phra festival, which involves the procession of a Buddha image on a decked carriage, and boat races, as well as the renowned Full Moon Party at Had Rin on Koh Phangan, were the key activities that draw tourists, according to the Tourism Authority.

Ferry services have been expanded to meet increased demand.

Meanwhile, TAT states that there are approximately 28-30 daily flights between Bangkok and Surat Thani, with 4,000-4,700 people each day, many of whom will need taxi cabs.

Thai and foreign tourists are reportedly flocking to Koh Larn and Jomtien Beach in Pattaya.

Meanwhile at Chiang Mai International Airport in Northern Thailand, more than 19,000 passengers, largely domestic travellers, flew to the northern province as of Wednesday.

Airport officials said that this was the largest figure since the pandemic struck the country more than two years ago.

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