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Tour Bus Crashes in 5 Vehicles Killing 1, Injuring 19 in Northeaster Thailand

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Tour Bus Crashes in 5 Vehicles

One person is dead and 19 others injured after a tour bus crashed into a line of vehicles stopped at an intersection in northeastern Thailand. The crash occurred around 12.30am in Phon district, Khon Kaen, early Thursday

A tour bus with its front smashed in was discovered at the intersection by police and rescuers along with five damaged vehicles; a crumpled pickup truck at the rear, two 10 wheel trucks, a van, and a cargo truck. The vehicles were all stopped at a traffic light at an intersection.

Tour Bus Crashes in 5 Vehicles

A 53-year-old man identified only as Amnart was found dead inside the wrecked pickup. His son, 24, was the driver and was critically injured.

According to the Bangkok Post, the bus carried teachers from Sakon Nakhon province on a study trip to Rayong.

Siripong Amnatrat, the bus driver, told police he was unable to brake in time to avoid crashing into the waiting vehicles.

Tour Bus Crashes in 5 Vehicles

Khon Kaen police, reported on Thursday that investigators were checking whether the tour bus company was properly registered as a hire vehicle and had the correct insurance.

A total of eight vehicles were involved in the crash that resulted in one death and 19 injuries. Passengers in the tour bus and in the van were also injured along with the pickup truck driver.

A number of teachers sitting in the front section of the tour bus were severely injured.

According to police, the bus’s brakes failed but the cause of the failure is still under investigation. According to Police, hospital blood tests will reveal whether the bus driver used drugs or alcohol.

Police said the tour bus driver would be charged with reckless driving resulting in death, injury, and property damage.

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