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The new celebration Jayson Tatum has conjured up is perfect in the sense that it’s not forced. On March 3, after he had hit a game-winning 3-pointer against the Grizzlies, he spontaneously turned around and blew a theatrical two-armed kiss to the crowd as a way of thanking the crowd.

Afterward, Jayson Tatum went to his home, and Deuce mirrored the motion as well, at which point he knew he was onto a winner. It is a move that he has since repeated against the Nets and Hornets, as well as winning the game against the Nuggets on Sunday.

In what could become a trademark NBA celebration along the lines of Steph Curry’s shoulder shimmy, Russell Westbrook’s rock-a-baby or Jamal Murray’s blue arrow, this could make its way into the NBA. In a few years’ time, we will probably even think of it like the victory cigar of a certain patriarch with green and white hair.

While this is getting ahead of the game, the first thing we need to do is name the project something that not only fits Jayson Tatum’s personality, but also reflects the roots of the project.

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Suppose we take a look at the Goodnight Kiss.

Chris Forsberg, one of our teammates, has labeled it the Kiss of Death, and this name has been gaining more and more traction as the weeks pass by. There can be no doubt that Jayson Tatum’s victory marks the end of the road for the opponent he beat just moments ago.

Marcus Smart recently pointed out that “the kiss of death is deadly” to his teammate. There is no denying that this happens all the time under the perfect circumstances. It’s the kind of thing that when it happens as a competitor, you just drop your head in awe like you owe him a tip of the hat. ”

However, it is not necessarily suitable for Jayson Tatum’s temperament. It is a name that is more aggressive for someone who is so understated and chill. It would have been fitting for Kevin Garnett or Kobe Bryant to receive the Kiss of Death. Compared to that, Jayson Tatum has remained calm and unflappable.

A Goodnight Kiss, on the other hand, has the potential to work on a number of levels. Jayson Tatum has just slashed whatever dagger he is holding in his hand without sounding so violent and discordant that it was discordant.

Besides the fact that he’s doing it in honor of his son, it’s also a callback to the boy himself, who is the reason he’s doing it. Seeing his father kiss another overmatched foe good night can be etched in the mind of young Deuce as he watches his father escorting him off to bed.

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I can certainly understand why Kiss of Death came to become the name of choice. However, I believe it’s very likely I am overthinking the matter. Jayson Tatum has claimed high-profile victims repeatedly throughout the Celtics’ rampage across the NBA, and perhaps I’m misreading the zeitgeist, because I’m not a fan of the nickname “Time Lord,” either, but it’s safe to say that it won’t change any time soon.

What do you think, Celtics fans? How do you feel about this? Will it be a Kiss of Death or a Goodnight Kiss?

Jayson Tatum’s celebration has a unique, authentic feel to it, and it sure looks as though it might just stick around, so let’s make sure we give it the right name.

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