Things To Look Forward To When COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdowns End


Things to Look Forward to When COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdowns End



The COVID-19 pandemic that struck us so unexpectedly saw us locked in our houses, unable to leave by the threat of arrest for months on end. Fortunately, the lockdowns are beginning to lessen, as is the threat of the virus that was the catalyst for it all in the beginning. As our lives begin to return to normality, we are afforded certain freedoms that we have been deprived of for many months.

In this article we will hope to tell you seven things to look forward to when the global lockdowns finally comes to an end. Its end is, thankfully, on the horizon, and it is only a matter of weeks now before we will be able to do the things that we love and move freely around our towns and cities without fear of contracting a virus.

Here are seven things to look forward to when the global lockdowns from the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

Sports after the COVID-19 pandemic

LockdownsSports venues are projected to reopen in a matter of weeks in both North America and Europe. We have been waiting a long time for this, and many of us are very, very excited. Whether we will be attending a sports bar to watch the game or attending the game itself, it is important to be cautious and still remember the potential for viral infection.

In the last few months, we have been heavily reliant on sports news sites like, and our reliance is only projected to grow when the sports world reopens again, and more news becomes available to us! Some sports like soccer and tennis are going to only broadcast on television, with the stadiums being empty. This is to protect the public from themselves, as it were, and to protect the players and ensure that they cannot contract any illnesses.

Going to the Cinema after the COVID-19 Pandemic


Cinemas are projected to open shortly, and some already have. The global lockdowns were detrimental to the cinema industry, and with many big-budget releases having had their grand openings canceled, movie executives are eager to get the movies out there for the general public to see.

It has been suggested that the coronavirus strain that was the source of the COVID-19 pandemic can transmit in dark environments better than light ones, meaning it is very important to shield yourself and wear proper PPE (personal protective equipment) when you are going to the cinema, lest you may contract the virus.

Bars and Pubs

Covid-19 Pandemic pubs and bars

Bars are largely already open, but with extreme restrictions in place. These restrictions are predicted to be reduced in the coming months, and we will have more freedom in where we drink, how we drink, and who we drink with. As it stands, we are not to communicate freely with other patrons, and must not touch other people.

When bars do open as they once were, it is important that we are cautious, notwithstanding a reduction in social distancing measures. Our lives are nothing to play with, and we must remain vigilant and cautious, especially when we have had something to drink, as our inhibitions can become lower.

Gyms and Fitness Centers

Fitness Gyms Covid-19 PandemicSports venues are projected to reopen in a matter of weeks in both North America and Europe. Most of us have developed our own personal fitness routines at home, and when gyms reopen, we will flock there en masse. You should, if possible, maintain your routine in combination with the gym, and that way, you will get much more into shape than you already are.

You can never be too fit, and with the amount of time indoors we have had to endure, most of us are veritable zombies, pale and tired. Attending the gym may be the best way we have afforded to us to wake ourselves up and snap out of our isolation-induced stupors.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools have long been closed, and with the hottest summer in years, it has been thoroughly awful. They should open in a matter of months, thankfully. A bit too late, however.

Enjoying Restaurants after Lockdowns

Enjoying Restaurants Restaurants have been open but running with limited menus. When the global lockdown is removed, we will once more be able to get our hands on all of the delicious food that we have been unable to eat during the lockdown, like milkshakes!

Now you know seven things to look forward to when the global restrictions are finally lifted. It seems like we have been locked down for an entire lifetime now, yet it has only been a few months. Finally, normality is on the horizon.

Clothing Stores

Clothing department stores are open but running at limited capacity. There is hardly any staff and we are expected to queue up around the block to get into stores. This is projected to finish soon, and when it does, it will be met with open arms from many people who can no longer stand being forced to stay indoors.



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