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Things That Affect Full Child Custody Decision



Child Custody

Did you know that Child Custody cases are the most emotionally fought battles in the courts today? Every parent believes that they are the best and doing the most for their children. However, this is unfortunate as proper scrutiny of the fittest parent is conducted.

After all, the parents may use children as a tool to leverage and vindictive their spouses. Usually, family courts have the child’s best interest when it comes to understanding the underlying custody issues. The judge must consider crucial factors that play in the child’s best interest.

Besides, kids are vulnerable beings that do not have a voice for themselves. In determining the kind of Child Custody arrangement best for the child, it is good to hire lawyers, like Houston child custody lawyer, to be fair enough to side with the child’s best interest. This should be regardless of how each other parents feel.

Mainly, the courts offer joint custody since the child needs the two parents as they play their different significant roles in their upbringing. As a judge, it is prudent if you advise the two-parent to work together in developing their parenting plans that are in joint custody despite their differences. In the judgment, the judge will consider any relevant factor that directly relates to your child’s best interest. Here are some significant factors that impact Child Custody cases.

Domestic abuse and violence

If you have a history of abuse or violence as a parent, the judge will likely give custody to the other parent. However, this solely depends on the situation, as you can get supervised visitation if you are an abuser. The same measure would be faced by sexual abusers or child neglect.

Ability to provide

Children are entirely dependent on their parents. To earn custody, you should have proven that you will provide for kids’ needs in all aspects. It includes ensuring they school, bathe, eat, develop good habits, and many other things.

Home’s stability

The child’s present home situation is critical as they need a routine, reschedule, and a great environment. In case of a divorce, children feel frightened, anxious, and totally out of place. This is all because their schedule has been disrupted, no longer a healthy environment due to conflicts. Therefore, the judge will consider a home that a child is familiar with and that they will not face significant disruption like school and social engagement.

Child’s preference

Sometimes, it calls for the child to decide which parent they wish to live with after the divorce. The child’s opinion may matter depending on their age and maturity level. However, one needs to be skeptical since kids may be triggered by parental alienation and manipulation where one parent bribes the child. The well-being of your child and their future are always at stake during the battle of custody.

If you contemplate separating from your spouse, it is always prudent to seek advice from an experienced child custody lawyer, before you do anything. Understanding your rights and steps of protecting you and the kids will help you get the results you desire in a divorce or child’s custody.


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