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The Top Safe Cleaning Products for Your Home

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Manufacturers have been working hard to find effective yet sustainable alternative cleaning ingredients as customers have become genuinely worried about the components present in regular household cleaners.

Hence, they opt to make their own homemade cleaners or buy those with plant-based formulas, meaning the demand for eco-responsible cleaning products is absolutely improving.

Biodegradable formulae, materials drawn from renewable plants, and packaged products produced from larger percentages of recycled plastic are all expected to be features of eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

Let’s find out all about safe cleaning products for your home.

The Top Safe Cleaning Products For Your Home

Now that you have found out why eco-friendly cleaning products are suitable for your home, you must be on the lookout to purchase them. But, how do you do that if you don’t know which ones are good and which ones are not?

Let’s take a look:

1: Safely Clean Freak Kit

The safety clean freak kit includes everything from a glass cleaner to hand soap, hand cream to regular laundry detergent, and from universal cleaner to hand sanitizer.

They come in refillable bottles, and the products have naturally uplifting scents, which means there is no harmful chemicals present there.

The plant-powered cleaning products can keep your home squeaky clean and smell lemony fresh.

On top of that, these products are also good for removing stains, washing away impurities, and retaining moisture.

2: Seventh Generation Multi-Surface Cleanser

This product is cleaned on cooktops, countertops, and other household surfaces without streaks or extra wiping and rinsing.

Thymol, the essential oil extracted from the thyme plant, is the active component here.

Though it doesn’t work as rapidly as other disinfectants, it’s safe to use without washing on food contact surfaces.

Furthermore, the spray bottle is constructed entirely of post-consumer recycled plastic.

3: Botanical Disinfecting Wipes

Disposable wipes aren’t the most environmentally friendly cleaning option, but they’re the most convenient.

With all of the cleaning we’ve done throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re the quickest way to destroy germs on hard, non-porous surfaces like countertops and faucet handles.

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved these wipes to kill bacteria and viruses on hard, non-porous surfaces in 10 minutes.

Even on food contact surfaces, no rinsing or wiping is required after air drying.

4: Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegar

Vinegar has long been a pantry cleaning mainstay, with a reputation for cutting grease and dissolving hard water stains.

However, it’s no secret that vinegar has a strong odor. Aunt Fannie’s is an excellent option if you enjoy the notion of cleaning with vinegar but don’t like the scent it leaves behind.

It comes in four essential oil scents: Bright Lemon, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Sweet Mandarin.

It can be used to clean hard water build-up on fixtures, grease-splattered oven glass, and other surfaces.

5: Blueland Powdered Dish Soap

The revolutionary Blueland recipe comes in a reusable paper pouch.

If you have a few items to clean, sprinkle the soap powder directly into a sponge or brush or into a basin or bowl filled with water if you have a larger load.

Its grease-cutting power was terrific, and the suds were plentiful.

Because it’s a powder, this dish soap can also be used to clean your sink, cookware, and other surfaces. So even though it appears to be expensive, a little investment goes a long way.

6: Brandless Refillable Glass Cleaner

Brandless Refillable Glass Cleaner was a winner of Good Housekeeping 2019 Sustainable Packaging Awards as it cleaned out black glass test panels and cut through grease stains without streaking.

It dissolved fast and thoroughly, and it was ready to use in just a few minutes, unlike other refillable products we tested.

Simply purchase the cleaner packets and keep using the same spray bottle.

Additionally, because the user adds the water, the shipping weight is less and less expensive, resulting in energy savings.

7: Antibac Bathroom Cleaner

The primary ingredient in this Method plant-based bathroom cleanser is citric acid, which helps it remove thick soap scum and hard water stains.

It also eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and flu germs on hard, non-porous surfaces.

It’s safe to use on all bathroom surfaces, including a hard water mineral-clogged shower head, vinyl shower curtain liners, and plastic toilet seats.

It has a fresh minty smell with geranium overtones.

Benefits Of Safe Cleaning Products On Home

  • The eco-friendly cleaning products tend to reserve water because you can use one of them for a multipurpose cleaning agenda.
  • They contain fewer allergens like ammonia, gluten, caustics, chlorine, phosphate, dyes, and bleach, suitable for people who may be allergic to some of these components.
  • These products do not contain formaldehyde or methanal and are gentler on sensitive skin, which means people who use them may not need to wear cleaning gloves anymore.
  • These cleaning products avoid chemicals like phthalates and sodium lauryl sulfate, thereby making them safe for the environment.

Happy Cleaning!!!

Now that you have come to the end of this article, you must have grasped a good understanding of the best eco-friendly cleaning products for your home.

If you follow this list, you will find plenty of recommendations to choose from that will take you one step ahead on the green cleaning journey.

For further questions, ping us in the comment section.

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