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The Reopening of Bangkok To Tourist May Take Till November



Thailand Continues to be Unprepared for Life Without Tourists

The reopening of Bangkok to tourism will be dependent on three factors, including 70% of the population is fully vaccinated. This could push Bangkok’s reopening to tourists to around mid-November.

Bangkok’s city council has decided that a reopening will only take place after three criteria have been met: First, Pol Gen Aswin said that 70% of the city’s population must have received two doses of vaccine. It will be fulfilled around October 22nd, and about 714 days after that, people’s immunity will be built.

The tentative deadline could see Bangkok’s tourism industry resume sometime in the first or second week of November. If the number of daily cases continues to decline and there are fewer patients with Covid19 in hospitals, between 2,700 and 2,800 infections have been reported daily in the past few days.

There are fewer people with Covid19 in hospitals, he said. The governor said that if the goals are met and achieved, the city council will discuss with the Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Tourism and Sports to set guidelines for reopening tourism before submitting them. To the Center for the Management of the Covid19 Situation (CCSA).

Vaccinations in Bangkok increasing

Furthermore, only 42% of Bangkok’s 7 million residents have been surrendered, CCSA deputy spokesman Apisamai Srirungson said on Monday.” People’s safety is paramount in the reopening plans,” said Dr. Apisamai at a daily press conference on the coronavirus situation.

He said the BMA would also hold talks with Phuket authorities tomorrow to learn from the experience with the island’s sandpit program. 32,000 fully vaccinated tourists tested positive during their stay. On Monday, Thailand recorded 12,709 new Covid19 cases and 106 more deaths in the past 24 hours, the Ministry of Health said on Monday morning, said Dr. Apisamai.

New cases were added for the third day in a row on Sunday, although the number of new cases was higher than the number of recoveries 11,125 and also higher than the 11,786 new cases registered on September 14th. There were 11,851 new cases in the general population, 858 in detainees and 11 imported from abroad, seven from Cambodia, two from the US and one from Israel and one from Myanmar.

Even more, Bangkok also led the new infections with 2,831 cases, followed by 942 in Samut Prakan and 532 in Chon Buri. Domestic mail dropped from 14,546 announced on Friday to 12,698 on Monday. In Bangkok, too, the infections decreased slightly from 2,911 to 2,831.

Source: Bangkok Post

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