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The bridge To Crimea, a Key Supply Route For Russia, Is Hit By a Blast



The bridge To Crimea, a Key Supply Route For Russia, Is Hit By a Blast

(CTN News) – Two sections of the bridge connecting Crimea with Russia’s rail and road network have collapsed, according to Russian state media.

Road traffic has been suspended for now, but the road is still navigable.

A blast on the killed three people, Russian authorities said.

Since 2018, Ukrainian officials have threatened to destroy the bridge. In 2014, Russia forcibly annexed Crimea from Ukraine under similar circumstances to this year’s illegal annexation of four Ukrainian regions.

Digital forensics group Bellingcat found that three sections of the bridge collapsed, limiting rail and road traffic.

The Kerch Strait Bridge spans 12 miles of water and serves as a key rail and automotive supply line from Russia to Crimea.

There are at least a dozen Russian military bases on the peninsula, and Western intelligence sources say it’s vital to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

In addition, the bridge has made it hard for Ukrainian ships to enter the Sea of Azov.

According to Russia’s National Anti-Terrorism Committee, a truck bomb caused the partial collapse. According to Russian officials, the truck was registered in the south.

The blast was attributed to an anonymous Ukrainian security official, according to Ukrainian Pravda.

Immediately after the bridge explosion, Russia’s defense ministry announced Gen. Sergei Surovikin would command Russian troops in Ukraine.

A top Ukrainian general said the Crimean bridge was “target number one.” Soon after, Ukraine’s military intelligence claimed to have gotten the drawings.

A Ukrainian claim of responsibility for a blast could be seen as an escalation, especially after Russian President Vladimir Putin said that annexed Ukrainian territory would be “forever” Russian.

He’s also threatened to use nuclear weapons to defend land he thinks is rightfully Russian.

After mysterious explosions at Russian military installations in August, Ukraine denied attacking Crimea. Following those blasts, thousands of Russian vacationers evacuated the Kerch Strait Bridge.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy promised to investigate leaks following anonymous Ukrainian military sources taking credit for the August attacks.

Eventually, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov acknowledged that Ukrainian attacks on Crimea were legal.

Why was the Crimea bridge destroyed?

A truck explosion on the span’s roadway caused seven fuel tanks on a freight train to ignite as it crossed the span early Saturday, Russia’s National Antiterrorism Committee said, according to Tass. Two sections of the road bridge fell into the waters below.


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