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The best ways to Manage CEO Reputation

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Your business reputation, legacy, and personal brand are protected by CEO reputation management services. We at Pearl Lemon PR are happy to help you.

Through a data management strategy, Google search results can be removed, while a business can create a more accurate and well-rounded online presence.

A brief description of ORM can be found in the following tactics. See our article about reputation management cost for a complete breakdown of pricing and a comparison of our services with those of our competitors.

1. Develop an online story map

Google your name and find out what other search engines are saying about you. This is your first step in executive reputation management.

You have to look beyond the first page of Google to get the pulse of your online presence. The first 500 results of every search are analyzed for our customers for sentiment analysis. The process of understanding how Google sees you is arduous, but it is necessary.

2. Identify risk and opportunity

In order to determine your reputation risk, you’ll want to see how your Google search results look. In terms of enterprise risk management, CEOs are familiar with minimizing the costs of strategic risks.

It is far more difficult, however, to manage reputational risk. A negative news article or viral news cycle is measured as a fiscal impact.

Identifying risks won’t be enough. You need to identify opportunities as well. Just owning static web properties isn’t enough.

Managing your online reputation requires that you own multiple domains. Take advantage of social networks, websites, and other online properties. Build your network as well by evaluating your allies.

3. Make existing preferred content more effective

Optimizing your existing content to target the correct keyword groups is critical to truly owning your search landscape.

Then, your positive content will need to be linked to by many people so your customers and shareholders will discover what you’ve accomplished.

Managing the reputation of CEOs takes a great deal of time.

4. Create content strategically

Following the optimization of your existing content, you should begin to build your online assets through blog posts containing relevant keyword phrases, engaging social media posts, and engaging press releases.

In order to ensure a positive reputation in the future, our customers often extend their contracts with us for years after solving their original issue. Relevant, timely, high-quality content about executives has the best chance for ranking well in the SERPs.

5. Manage the reputation of the CEO and PR

Coordinating messaging with your company’s public relations firm is an important part of managing your CEO’s reputation.

Using timely press releases, you and your company can raise awareness of the good you are doing to improve the world. In turn, you will enhance both your personal image as well as the reputation of your brand.

6. Remove negative searches and articles

News articles about a CEO are extremely unlikely to be removed by Google, especially if they are published by a major publisher or syndicator. Hence, burying negative Google search results through strategic SEO is the best course of action.

In a recent study by Moz, only 7 percent of respondents indicated they went beyond the first search result page.

That means if your content is buried on the back page, most searchers won’t see it. You can craft the narrative you want other people to see by burying negative content in the SERPs. According to business leaders, this is a critical strategy.


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