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Thailand Will Imports 10,500 Tonnes Of Shrimp As Domestic Yield Falls

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Thailand Will Imports 10,500 Tonnes Of Shrimp As Domestic Yield Falls

(CTN News) – This year, Thailand will import over 10,500 tonnes of sea shrimps to ease a shortage.

In a meeting of the shrimp board chaired by Fisheries Department chief Chalermchai Suwannarak on Monday, the move was announced.

Shrimp farmers and processors are represented on the new board.

Chalermchai said the board’s main goal is to stabilize the price of Pacific white shrimp.

Due to insufficient domestic production, the board decided to allow imports of 10,501 tonnes of shrimp from Ecuador and India this year.

Since June 10, about 42 tonnes of shrimp have been imported.

According to Chalermchai, the imports would not affect the price of Pacific white shrimp raised by Thai farmers.

Domestic white shrimp production is expected to reach 320,000 tonnes this year and 400,000 tonnes next year.

Also, the board will offer mobile clinics and hotlines to help sea shrimp farmers in 35 provinces increase the quality and quantity of their produce. Outbreaks would be handled quickly by mobile clinics, he said.

To date, Thailand has produced 138,733 tonnes of shrimp – 129,100 tonnes of Pacific white shrimp and 9,632 tonnes of black tiger prawns.

As domestic production has almost halved from 500,000 tonnes per year to 270,000 tonnes per year, Thai Frozen Foods Association President Panisuan Chamnarnwej said shrimp imports were needed to save the industry.

As a result, domestic shrimp prices wouldn’t be affected by their imports, he said.

To prevent imported shrimps from spreading diseases to local farms, the association worked with the Fisheries Department.

The Federation of Thai Aquaculture reports that Thailand has about 30,000 shrimp farms covering 600,000 rai.

Nevertheless, it confirms that production has fallen to 250,000-350,000 tonnes per year due to persistent outbreaks of early mortality syndrome.

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