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Thailand to Host World Cheerleading Championships in 2013



Cheer leaders. Members of Thailand’s Dhurakijpundit University


Chiangrai Times –Thailand have been selected by the International Federation Cheerleading (IFC) to host the World Cheerleading Championships in 2013.

Thailand Federation of Cheerleading (TFC) has emphasised the benefits of cheerleading, a type of sport that supports harmony in the group of cheerleaders, and encouraged Thai youth to participate in the sport.

Setsuo Nakamura, the IFC president, said Thailand were chosen because the country has abundant resources, including convenient transportation system as well as good facilities and service systems.

Setsuo Nakamura, the International Federation Cheerleading president, second from right, at the venue where the championships will be held.

“Cheerleading has quickly evolved and developed in Thailand. Thailand has a strong and powerful team that is accepted at international level.

“The team from Thailand can hit a high score with its creativity. Moreover, Thailand has hosted the Asian Cheerleading Championships many times.

“IFC believes that Thailand will successfully host the World Cheerleading Championships in 2013. Cheerleading will greatly develop in Thailand with the hosting of the event. Over 50 countries will participate in the event,” said Nakamura.

Arthit Ourairat, the TFC president, said that cheerleading stimulates harmony and broadmindedness among Thai youth and the association wants to promote the sport to wider public.

“Playing this sport requires several skills and does not depend on only on dancing.

TFC is pleased to support those who are interested in this sport at all levels, without limitation or discrimination.

“TFC also is willing to provide advice about training principles, competition rules and cheerleading techniques as well as an opportunity to those who desire to use TFC’s court to improve their skills.

“More importantly, TFC is holding the National Cheerleading Championships to develop the skills of Thai cheerleaders so that their capability is as good as or better than that of their counterparts in Asia and the world.

“In addition to the development at national level, TFC also has the opportunity to promote cheerleading sport to neighbouring countries such as Laos, Cambodia and Singapore to stimulate the attention to this sport at regional level,” said Arthit.

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