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Thailand Reports Only 3 Coronavirus Cases, Tourism Campaign Launched

Thailand has reported 2,969 coronavirus cases and 54 deaths since the outbreak began in January. The coronavirus has decimated Thailand’s tourism Industry

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Coronavirus: Thailand reports 3 new cases

Thailand reported three new coronavirus cases and no new deaths on Sunday (May 3), as the country started lifting restrictions on some businesses and aspects of life. The new infections marked the lowest number since early March.

Thailand has reported 2,969 coronavirus cases and 54 deaths since the outbreak began in January.

New daily infections have stayed in the single digits for a week. The government has allowed some businesses and public parks to reopen on Sunday. Even more Thailand has allowed the sales of alcohol and alcoholic beverages to resumed.

Thailand’s Tourism Council is also preparing to start its “We Love Thailand” campaign to stimulate domestic tourism after thing normalize. Council president Chairat Trirattanajarasporn said they were in collaboration with the Tourism Ministry and the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

“This campaign will promote new local products and attractions, especially those involving tourism communities,” he told the Nation. Chairat also said domestic tourism needs to be promoted for one to two years.  Above all while the market waits for foreign tourists to regain confidence.

In the initial phase, it is expected that people from China, South Korea or Asean will return he said.

“Thailand needs Chinese tourists as we recover,” Chairat added. “When the situation becomes safe again, Chinese will return to Thailand as our country is near. Moreover, the Chinese market has the capacity to expand.”

Mass Unemployment in Thailand’s Tourism Sector

Up to six million people are expected to lose their jobs in the tourism sector due to Covid-19 a report says.

Reports from the UN’s International Labour Organization (ILO), as well as the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, said that unemployment will affect millions of people in Thailand’s tourism sector. A critical industry that accounted for 21 percent of the country’s GDP.

“Thailand’s tourism sector has overcome many past shocks. Including natural disasters and political instability,” the UN report said. “However, there may be new emerging sources of risks that may need to be considered.”

It added, “The magnitude of the current socio-economic shocks that come from the health and economic effects tied to the current COVID-19 pandemic are, however, unprecedented in recent history.”

The industry’s woes were rooted in the total collapse of inbound tourism. International tourist arrivals in January and February dropped to 5.9 million. Compared with 7.3 million in the same months last year.