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Thailand Police Warn Thai Finger Root Cannot Help Covid Sufferers

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Thailand Police Warn Thai Finger Root Cannot Help Covid Sufferers

Police in Thailand have warned Thai People that finger root flavored candy mixed with zinc cannot help Covid sufferers and any reports that make this claim are fake news.

Krishna Pattanacharoen, the deputy police spokesman said that the Food and Drug Administration and the Ministry of health verified that this fingerroot candy/zinc mix is fake news as the product belongs to the category of chewing gum and candies.

The spokesperson also said, there is no data to support the claim that it can be used to cure Covid. Thus, the effectiveness of such a remedy is rendered null and void.

In a statement the spokesperson said the Royal Thai Police would like the public to know that if they see food products that are not scientifically supported, such as the fingerroot candy, but claim they can alleviate symptoms, cure diseases or can be used as a treatment, they should disregard the product as false advertising/information.

Furthermore, that if customers do purchase said product in the hopes that they will help fight Covid, they might be wasting their money.

The spokesman also said such information confuses people and can cause “damages”. Also, it is an offence according to the Computer Crimes Act, Section 14(2), (5) and brings with the change to get 5 years in prison and/or a fine of 100,000 baht or less. Spreading fakes news could also be considered a violation of the Emergency Decree.

Furthermore, Krishna warns that disseminating fake news, like this Covid candy, is taken seriously by the authorities with violators risking “continuous” legal actions.

The Royal Thai Police say that if you spot possible fake news you can report it here. If that doesn’t work or if fake news spotters wish to report it somewhere else, they can also use:

  • Twitter @AFNCThailand
  • Line @antifakenewscenter
  • Fake news hotline GCC 1111 ext. 87
  • 1599 Anti-Fake News Center Royal Thai Police Hotline

Source: Police Talks ,The Thaiger

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