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Thai PM Urged to Reconsider Decriminalization Of Cannabis



Thai PM Urged to Reconsider Decriminalization Of Cannabis

(CTN News) – When a handful of Democrat MPs urged Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to contemplate decriminalizing cannabis today (Thursday), a divide between the two coalition parties, the Democrat and Bhumjaithai, became even wider.

The House of Representatives has approved the cannabis measure, which the Bhumjaithai Party proposed. It will get its second and final readings during this legislative session after the House inspection committee makes revisions.

Cannabis for medicinal purposes

However, opposition parties, including the Democrat Party, have strongly opposed the measure because of concern that decriminalizing Marijuana may promote teenage usage in Thailand.

The Democratic MPs Pimrapee Phanwichatikul, Phisit Li-atham, Prakob Rattanapan, and Dr. Banyat Jetanajan convened a news conference in parliament today to express their opposition to the measure that would decriminalize the use of cannabis for medicinal and regulated recreational purposes.

The organization asserts that more Thai children are using cannabis for recreational purposes six months after it was removed from the Category 5 drug list, placing them in danger of addiction or the onset of mental disorders.

The organization pleaded with the prime minister to take marijuana back into consideration for the Category 5 drug list.

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