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Thai Medical Professionals Worried about E-Cigarette Related Lung Diseases



Thai Medical Professionals Worried about E-Cigarette-Related Lung Diseases

(CTN News) – The medical community in Thailand is expressing growing concerns as pneumonia and bronchitis related to e-cigarette use, particularly those involving cannabis oil, continue to rise. Under-reporting of these cases due to difficulties in diagnosis and a lack of awareness among doctors has become a significant challenge.

Lack of Awareness Hinders Accurate Diagnosis and Reporting

Doctors in Thailand have voiced concerns regarding the increasing number of pneumonia and bronchitis cases associated with e-cigarettes. These concerns are especially pronounced among individuals who use cannabis oil. However, the accurate diagnosis and reporting of these cases have been impeded by a lack of awareness among physicians.

Risks of E-Cigarettes Combined with Cannabis Oil

The combination of e-cigarettes and cannabis oil has been linked to a higher risk of developing bronchial and lung issues. Although this combination is less prevalent in Thailand than in other countries, the prevalence of associated diseases is expected to rise as its popularity grows.

Challenges in Quitting E-Cigarettes

Assoc. Prof. Sutat Rungruanghiranya, Secretary-General of the Medical Professionals Network for Tobacco Consumption Control, highlighted patients’ difficulties in quitting e-cigarettes.

Some patients smoke multiple tubes daily, making cessation extremely challenging. Treatment duration and intensity vary depending on individual smoking habits.

Long-Term Effects and Unknown Statistics

While there are no definitive statistics on e-cigarette usage in Thailand, heavy users encounter significant obstacles when attempting to quit.

The long-term effects of e-cigarette use remain uncertain, but preliminary data suggest a potential link to lung and bladder cancer in rodents. The impact on human users is expected to become more evident over the next 10 to 20 years.

What is an E-cigarette?

If you know what an e-cigarette is, you have an idea of how it works. This is an electronic device that is powered by batteries that heat coils that are in contact with nicotine-based e-liquid that will, in turn, produce vapor.

Users inhale the vapor into their bodies through the mouth to enjoy the smooth and satisfying experience before they can exhale it out through the mouth and nostrils.

Today, e-cigarettes are more than just devices to vape. They offer more experiences, including fashion, class, and performance, which is no wonder since they come in different types, designs, materials, crystal smoking pipe and functionalities.

Quick Things to Know About E-cigarettes

  • The first thing to know is that an e-cigarette resembles a normal cigarette in many ways. This is the idea behind it. You will notice that the vapor resembles cigarette smoke. Likewise, they have the concept of burning the e-liquid and using nicotine.
  • Just like cigarettes, nicotine-based e-cigarettes are addictive and may have negative effects on the user’s health.
  • They also work under regulations like cigarettes, especially regarding who can access them. The authorities want to ensure that kids are not exposed to their use while adults are aware of what they are entering.

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Parts of an E-Cigarettes that You Should Know

To further understand these devices, you must understand the parts of an e-cigarette.

  • The mouthpiece – This is also called the cartridge. It holds the tank where the e-juice is held as well. Many devices, more sophisticated vape mods, have large refillable cartridges, while e-cig pens and JUULs have disposable options.
  • Atomizers and coils form the heating element and are in contact with the e-liquid. The wick is also a part of this system, and its job is to ensure that the e-juice flows from the tank to the coils in a regulated way. The atomizers come in different resistances and currents to customize the vaping experience.
  • The battery – As the source of power to heat the coils, a long-lasting battery is crucial. E-cigs with disposable batteries are quickly getting replaced by those with rechargeable batteries. Many can now enjoy a fast charge through a USB cable.
  • E-juice – The e-juice is sold separately but is considered part of the device because vaping cannot be done without it. They come in different flavors and types. Research more on the e-juice that will work best for you.
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